2-year-old disappears, then police find two sets of footprints and fear the worst


Anyone who has children and has ever lost sight of them, if only for a second, knows that fear and panic that rushes through you.

A few years ago, a young mom had that experience when she discovered her 2-year-old son had wandered out of his Mississippi home, wearing only a diaper, and was nowhere to be seen.

When police arrived, they found a set of footprints determined to be that of her son William and another bigger set of footprints. They then feared the worst.

Twitter/Jonathan Brannan

Police searched the area believing that William could have been abducted.

What made it worse is the little boy is autistic and didn’t speak so his mom worried that he wouldn’t cry out if he needed help.

Dogs, helicopters and an army of police officers were brought in to search for William but he was nowhere to be found.

Twitter/Hugh Keeton

Hours passed by and the hunt got more intense. Meanwhile, a 10-year-old boy who had just got off the school bus and a dog would prove to be key to finding this little boy safe and alive.

School boy Blake Carroll noticed a dog circling an abandoned pick up truck and barking and was suspicious of the situation so went to fetch his uncle.

Twitter/Hugh Keeton

His uncle inspected the car and found a little boy trapped inside and crying. He was able to force his way into the car and rescue a very hot and thirsty William.

The authorities were alerted and William was reunited with his emotional mom. Thankfully his dog Jezebel had stayed by his side and the second set of footprints was identified as the dog’s.

Twitter/Hugh Keeton

If it wasn’t for the family dog alerting Blake to the situation and a curious Blake who did the right thing, who knows what could have happened to this young boy.

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