21+ Awesome Things You Can Do With Paper Towels



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Paper towels are a staple for cleaning the kitchen, but did you know about all these other things you can do with paper towels? Plus, find out what Brawny® has done to make cleaning those messes even easier…

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Being a mom is a messy job! There was once a time when my house was always clean…then I had kids. Luckily, they’re cute, so they’re totally worth it, but I need all the help I can get when it comes to cleaning up after them!

There’s no way I could do it without Brawny® paper towels. I use these paper towels for everything and have always been a fan of the rolls that have full and half sizes. I thought being able to choose from two sizes was pretty good, but now Brawny® has taken it up a notch.

Brawny Paper Towels

With the new Brawny® Tear-A-Square® paper towels, I can still choose from a full or half sheet, but now there’s a bonus…quarter size sheets. This is awesome! Sometimes even the half size is too big, so I’d tear it in half to avoid being wasteful. I don’t have to do that anymore because the Brawny® Tear-A-Square® paper towels let me get exactly the size I need!

Brawny paper towels

These new sizes may be small, but they’re still Brawny® strong. They combine the Brawny® strength we’re used to, with the flexibility to use just the amount I need. Big spills get a full size towel, while those little drops of milk on the counter get the quarter sheet. I think Brawny® may have been reading the minds of moms everywhere (I know they were reading mine!).

The great thing about Brawny® Tear-A-Square® paper towels is that they’re not just for wiping down the counters. These are just a few of the things we use them for…

21 Awesome Things You Can Do With Brawny® Tear-A-Square® Paper Towels

  • Cleaning the kitchen – Using paper towels to clean the house is a no brainer. Sponges get yucky and paper towels are such a great alternative. I use them to wipe down the stove, the inside of my refrigerator, my counters, and so much more.
    Cleaning counters
  • Cleaning spills – With two kids, we see plenty of spills. I might grab a towel if it’s a really big spill, but I don’t want to waste dirtying a towel if I don’t have to. Paper towels are a whole lot easier. Plus, no matter how careful I am, I always seem to spill a couple drops of coffee when I’m pouring into my mug. These quarter size sheets are perfect for small clean-ups like this.Wiping Coffee Off Counter
  • Preventing messes – These are great for preventing messes too. When I’m cooking, I can avoid getting sauce on the counter by resting my spoon on a quarter sheet. It’s the perfect size! 
  • Drying fruits and veggies – When I wash fruits and veggies for the lunch boxes, this is the easiest way I know to dry them before putting them in the lunch box containers.
  • Replacing napkins – I can’t tell you how many times we’ve used Brawny® paper towels at our dinner table instead of napkins. Even our favorite seafood restaurant down the street does it! If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us!
  • Lunchboxes – I put one in each girl’s lunchbox every morning, just in case things get a little messy. Sometimes they even get a special message, too. Putting Brawny paper towel in lunch box
  • Soaking grease from pizza – My girls love pepperoni pizza, but every time I pull it out of the oven, the pepperoni grease seems to pool on top. No problem…I just dab it with a paper towel and we’re good to go.
  • Microwaving bacon – Is it even possible to microwave bacon without using a paper towel underneath and over it? I’ve never tried and I don’t want to!
  • Keeping the microwave clean – There’s nothing worse than reheating something in the microwave and hearing that popping sound of food splattering inside. I avoid it by covering food with a paper towel before reheating it.
  • Protecting non-stick pans – You can buy expensive pads for this, or just put a paper towel in between non-stick pans to protect them. I prefer paper towels so I can spend my money on something more fun.Using paper towels to protect non-stick pans
  • Buttering cake pans – When I butter the cake pan before I flour it, things can get messy. It takes a lot of soap to get all that butter off my fingers. I’ve learned that the job is a whole lot easier if I use a paper towel to push the butter around the pan instead.
  • Decorating cakes – Wet a Brawny® paper towel and use it to smooth out your buttercream frosting.
  • Soften brown sugar – Why is it that brown sugar always gets hard as a rock when you store it? It’s easy enough to soften with a damp paper towel. Just place it over the brown sugar and let it sit overnight…it’ll be good to go in the morning.
  • Coffee Filters – This is a trick I learned from a friend when she ran out of coffee filters. I wouldn’t recommend it for everyday use, but paper towels work great in a pinch.Using a paper towel as a coffee filter
  • Keeping bread fresh – If you’ve ever frozen bread, you know that it can be a little soggy once it thaws. Solve that problem easily just by throwing a paper towel in the bag before you freeze it.
  • Keeping herbs and greens fresh – Herbs, lettuce, and other greens tend to stay fresh longer if you wrap them loosely in a paper towel before putting them in the fridge.
  • Remove corn silk – We love corn on the cob, but the corn silk can be a big pain. My new favorite trick is to rub the corn with a damp paper towel to take the corn silk right off.
  • Oiling wooden cutting boards – I don’t like to get my kitchen cloths all oily, so I just rub the oil on my cutting boards with a paper towel, then toss it in the trash. No washing necessary!Using a paper towel to oil a cutting board
  • Cooking out – My hubby has to have a roll of paper towels nearby when he’s grilling out. It’s great for when grease drips on his prep table, or if we have any BBQ sauce spills.
  • Removing wax – Have you tried this trick? If there are crayon stains on fabric or other surfaces, place a paper towel over it and iron it with a hot iron. It should take the stain right out.
  • Road trips – Road trips get messy…spilled drinks, dropped food, etc. Sometimes I think I need to put on a hazmat suit before I look under the booster seat! Having a roll of Brawny® Tear-A-Square® paper towels in the car sure helps though!
  • Crafting – These are a much have for crafting with the kids (or even on my own). They’re great for wiping paint off little fingers, having a safe place to lay a paint brush, and just general cleanup when we’re done.

The Perfect Size For Crafting

This last one, crafting, is a major one for us. My girls and I are always making crafts and the different sizes that you get with Brawny® Tear-A-Square® paper towels couldn’t be more helpful! Our last project started off pretty neatly. Little Keira was making a cute pencil holder for Teacher Appreciation Week.

Painting a tin can

It didn’t take long before we had to whip out the paper towels! The quarter sizes were perfect for resting our paintbrushes in between uses…and cleaning those little fingers when we were done.

Crafting table with paint

From crafting to cleaning kitchens, these come in handy in all kinds of situations. I owe a big thank you to Brawny® for knowing what busy moms like me really need. They knew I needed a quarter size sheet before I did…and now I can’t live without it!

Holding up Brawny paper towels

What are some of your favorite ways to use paper towels?

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