3 tablespoons of Olive Oil Can Save Your Life and Make You Thin

Olive oil has been used in medical field for dealing many health problems since ages and recently its weight losing benefits have astonished the world. Olive oil is not only nutritive, tasty and best salad dressing but also carry the scientific shreds of evidence for its superlative medical and weight losing characteristics. Shortly, 3 tablespoons or 50 ml of olive oil a day can do the trick of shedding hypodermic fats from your body.

Dr. Mary Flynn, an associate professor and a practicing nutritionist in the US has been studying the benefits of olive oil since the 1990s. Upon asking about the weight losing claims regarding olive oil, she stated that:

“The general body of research reveals that once you’ve two or more tablespoons of olive oil a day, you’ll improve your blood pressure, your glucose level and your good cholesterol. But I’ve found that the weight loss effects come into play at three tablespoons. So, that’s what I recommend. It’s an amazing food. It does all these things that help your body, plus, it tastes good.”

While revealing the truths about loss weight benefits of olive oil, Lynn was referring to the extra virgin olive oil usually known as EVOO which is gained by simply cold pressing the oil from the fruit and it is claimed to carry the eminent aids for heart health. Moreover, three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil contain 360 calories, 40.5g fats and 5.5 of them are saturated. All of these facts lead to its potential benefits for specifically weight loss and broadly for health.


While further talking about the weight losing benefits of olive oil, Flynn mentioned that olive oil does no trick to help you lose kilos in days. However, if you add it the nutritive and low-fat diet plans, it does its magic by burning your calories more than you are consuming on daily basis. Beans, legumes, chicken, beef and vegetables cooked in olive oil are the best recommendation by Flynn to lose weight.

Research of Flynn

Mary Flynn even put forward the results of her research that she carried out in 2010 upon the 44 females taking breast cancer treatment under United States National Cancer Institute and had gained a lot of weight during the course. She examined them by giving the diet with olive oil and a low-fat diet. After 16 weeks, the women had lost 7 kg. That was amazing!

She even noticed that the women taking olive oil diet lost fats more than the women taking the low-fat diet. Additionally, doctors also observed the low level of triglycerides and high level of good cholesterol in their blood that helped them fight their cancer with more potential.

Cook your vegetables in Olive Oil

Flynn suggested that you should cook your vegetables in olive oil because it doesn’t only taste good but also help absorb the carotenoids (the antioxidant features of vegetables that give them their color and work better for health). She further believes that the olive oil increases the nutritive capacity of cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage and broccoli.

So, take 3 tablespoons of olive oil with you meals in a day and forget the further surfing about how to lose weight.

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