31 Amazing Ideas For The Best Ever Moana Birthday Party


Throwing a Moana birthday party? From invitations to thank you cards and everything in between, here’s everything you need to have the perfect Moana party for your little princess!

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Ever since Moana came out, it’s been one of our favorite Disney princess movies. If you ever pass us on the way to Disney, you’ll see (and maybe even hear) me and my girls singing along to “How Far I’ll Go” at the top of our lungs.

My youngest even had a Moana birthday party after the movie came out. Between making Moana invitations, a cake, cookies and more, I had as much fun planning the party as Keira did celebrating! I don’t think I’ll ever run out of Disney princess ideas and I love being able to add my Moana party ideas to that list!

Anyway, if you’re planning a Moana party, I’ve got all everything you need right here. From Moana decorations to fun food and games, your little princess is going to have a blast! Here are just a few of the awesome things you’ll find…

  • Moana Invitations
  • Moana Cakes
  • Moana Cupcakes
  • Moana Jello Treats
  • Moana Cookies
  • Moana Goodie Bags
  • Tropical Candy Lei
  • Moana Bookmarks
  • Tamatoa Slime
  • Printable Moana Banner
  • Pineapple Palm Tree
  • Luau Centerpieces
  • Moana Party Games
  • Moana Coloring Pages
  • Coconut Bowling
  • Moana Thank You Cards

Now, ready to start planning your Moana theme party?  Hope you have as much fun with it as I did!

Moana Birthday Party

Moana Invitations

Moana birthday invitations

Printable Moana Invitations – Fun Money Mom

The first thing you need to do is invite people to your Moana party. These free printable invitations feature all your favorite movie characters from Moana to Hei Hei. Print them and fill them out or fill out the invitation template online and print the completed invitation.

Moana Cakes

Moana Birthday Cake

Easy Moana Cake – Fun Money Mom

I made my first cake after my daughter wanted the most expensive one from the bakery and I was too cheap frugal to pay that much. It’s was a Disney Princess Castle Cake and she loved it. The next year I had a request for a Rapunzel cake, then after that this Moana cake. It may not be quite as fancy as the professional cakes but it was a lot of fun to make and the kids loved it!

Tomatoa birthday cake

Tamatoa GIGANTIC Coconut Crab Cake – AshleeMarie.com

I am a huge Ashlee Marie fan! Her cake creations are always amazing and how cool would this giant Tamatoa cake be for a Moana party?! I’m not sure I could pull it off but it sure would be fun to try!

Waterfall cake for Moana birthday

Moana Cake With Waterfall – Eze Breezy

I love the way this cake is put together and I really want to try making one of my own!

Moana Cupcakes

Moana birthday cupcake

Heart of Te Fiti Moana Cupcakes – Mama Cheaps

If you’d prefer to make cupcakes, these Heart Of Te Fiti cupcakes are a great way to go.

Tamatoa cupcakes for a Moana themed party

Tamatoa Cupcakes – As The Bunny Hops

What kid wouldn’t want cupcakes made of gold? These Tamatoa cupcakes are an easy dessert to make for your Moana birthday.

Moana Food And Drink

Pineapple bowl

Easy Pineapple Fruit Bowl – Fun Money Mom

It’s always good to serve something healthy at a party and this pineapple fruit bowl fits the theme perfectly!

Moana themed party jello

Moana Jello Treats – The Jersey Momma

How cute are these? Just some jello and a few extras and you have the perfect treat for a Moana birthday party!

Moana cookies

Moana cookies – Fun Money Mom

These Moana cookies are designed to look like the heart of Te Fiti and are another party food that are easy to make.

Healthy fruit dip for a Moana party

Healthy Fruit Dip – Thrifty Jinxy

Healthy fruit dip served in a pineapple bowl? Sounds pretty tropical to me!

Sea candy glass for a Moana birthday party theme

Edible Sea Glass Candy – Make Life Lovely

This edible sea glass candy is almost too pretty to eat…but we’ll give it a try!

Mango ice cream

2 Ingredient Mango Ice Cream – Raia’s Recipes


Every party needs ice cream but you need a tropical twist for a Moana birthday party. This Mango Ice Cream is perfect.

Moana Hawaiian Punch

Moana Hawaiian Punch – In The Kids Kitchen

What kid doesn’t like Hawaiian punch? This goes perfectly with the Moana birthday theme…as long as you don’t have white carpet!

Moana themed Hawaiian sangria mocktail

Hawaiian Sangria Mocktail – Organized 31

Hmmm…maybe we could make this one into a cocktail for the moms. I’ve never tried Hawaiian Sangria before but I’m pretty sure I’d like it!

Otai inspired drink for a Moana birthday party

Otai Inspired Watermelon Drink – All For The Boys

If it’s good enough for Otai, it’s good enough for our Moana party.

Moana Party Favors

Heart of Te Fiti cookies for a Moana goodie bag


Moana Goody Bags With Candy Shells, Tamatoa Pretzels and Heart Of Te Fiti Cookies

I love to make edible goody bags so parents aren’t left picking trinkets up off the floor for a week after the party. This goody bag has a little bit of everything.

Moana themed lei

DIY Candy Lei – Tikkido

How cute are these candy filled leis?! I think Moana would approve.

Bookmarks for Moana goodie bags

Moana Bookmark – Red Tart Art

I love these cute bookmarks and they’d make great party favors for any princess party.

Tamatoa slime for a Moana party

Tamatoa Slime – As The Bunny Hops

Looking for something to put in those goody bags? You can never go wrong with a little Moana inspired slime!

Pineapple goodie bag

Pineapple Gift Boxes – See Lindsay

If you have a Cricut, you can make these adorable pineapple gift boxes for the kids (another reason I need one!)

Pineapple craft for goodie bags

Pineapple Favor Bags – The House That Lars Built

Don’t have a Cricut? You don’t need them for these pineapple favor bags. Just throw in your Moana party favors and you have super cute goody bags for all the kids.

Moana Decorations

Moana party decorations

Free Printable Moana Banner – Pretty My Party

This printable Moana banner makes decorating easy!

Tropical garland Moana Party decor

Tropical Leaf Paper Garden – Lia Griffith

This tropical garland is so pretty that I might just want to leave it up after the party was over!

Pineapple Palm Tree

Pineapple Palm Tree Serving Tray – eHow

If you want to go REALLY over the top, you can make the fanciest serving ever. I wasn’t even sure if I should put this with the food or decor but you’ll kill two birds with one stone if you make this pineapple tree.

Pineapple decor for a Moana themed party

Luau Centerpieces – Inner Child Fun

How adorable is this centerpiece? The best part is how easy it is! Throw on some sunglasses, an umbrella and flowers and you’re good to go.

Floral entrance for a Moana party

Floral Entrance – Pinterest

Moana Games

Moana printable

Moana Printables and Coloring Sheets – Fun Money Mom

I love coloring sheets and printables because they’re perfect for keeping the kids busy until everyone arrives. This set has coloring pages, a matching game, maze and more.

Moana party game with matching shells

Seashell Matching Game – Growing Up Gabel

This cute seashell matching game is not only fun for the kids but you don’t have to spend a lot to make it either. Draw the Heart Of Te Fiti, Kakamora or other Moana shapes on the inside.

Coconut Bowling for a Moana party game

Coconut Bowling – Howe Clan Blog

How perfect is this for your Moana birthday party? The kids will have a blast trying to bowl these Kakamora over.

Moana craft boat

Fun 365 – Moana Boat

This easy craft lets kids take home their own Moana boat.

Moana Thank You Cards

free printable moana thank you cards

Moana Thank You Cards – Fun Money Mom

The party is over but there’s still one more thing to do. It’s important to me that my girls thank their friends and family for every gift. To keep with the theme, I put together these cute Moana Thank You cards.

Need supplies for your party? You may want to check these out…

Moana Party Decorations

Moana Party Supplies

Moana Party Pack

Grass Table Skirt

Moana Balloon Kit

Hanging Swirl Decorations

Tropical Decor


Moana table decor

Tissue Flower Garland

Colorful Moana Birthday Decorations

Tropical Imitation Plant Leaves

Hawaiian Luau Decor

Moana Party Wear For Girls

Moana Party Wear

Hawaiian Leis

Leis Wristbands & Headsets

Hula Skirts

Hibiscus Hair Clips

Moana Goodie Bags

Moana goodie bags

Moana Goodie Bags

Party Favor Set


Moana Play Packs

Moana Cupcake Toppers

Moana cake toppers

Cake Topper Figurines

Moana Edible Cake Topper

Cupcake Rings

Moana Cupcake Toppers & Wrappers



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