How to lose weight if you have gained 200 pounds?

How to lose weight if you have gained 200 pounds?
Trying hard to lose weight and not seeing the satisfactory results might be frustrating but here, we need to be realistic. Gaining as much weight as 200 pounds certainly have had taken a long time and losing this weight to a healthy level will also take some real effort over a prolonged time period. But nothing is impossible when you have made a decision. If you’re really willing to take a dip into weight losing pool, we have better plans for you to drop your weight naturally and quickly that will not ask you to starve to death or to spend your hours and mighty energy into lifting unhealthily heavyweights. All you need is to watch what and you are eating. We have divided the whole journey into certain steps that might help you.

Eat healthy

Jumping directly from 3000 calories per day to 500-800 calories might drain you completely. That’s why you need to make your body habitual of variation, first. Start with eating half of the oil, fats, cheese, butter and other heavy stuff and add some vegetables and fruits to your diet. We aren’t asking you to throw your favorite food away completely because dropping to 2800 calories instead of going directly to 800 calories might be easy for your body to accept.
Note: For a person having 200 pounds, lower calorie intake is a gem strategy.

Try to eat proteins in your meals-Change the content

If you have already gained 200 pounds, eating whole food containing more proteins than fats and carbs will be really beneficial. We are still not asking you to skip eating. Just alter your grocery list and diet chart a bit. People with 200 or more pounds usually happen to be the foodie and tend to over eat. And when you eat proteins they make you full for longer and reduce your cravings between meals that in turn help you lose your weight. If you start eating proteins overeating is out of the question. And excitedly, eating proteins will reduce your calorie intake by a large margin. Stepping down to 1500-2000 calories from 3000 in not bad eh? And lower the calorie intake greater will be the weight loss. Eating fewer calories can help you even lose 5 pounds a week. That’s exciting. Moreover, it also balances your hormones particularly the insulin producers that is really beneficial for diabetic obese people.

Now, fix your calorie intake

Now when your body is accustomed to change, you can use this energy to reduce your calorie intake. For that we recommend you to use lemon water and apple cider vinegar or other detox water in breakfast. Try to drink a lot of water and eat whole meals containing proteins and fibers. Stop eating fried and oily stuff. Cut the cheese and mayonnaise from your meals and drink juices. If you can, go for a light exercise 5 days a week. And for a detailed guide you can even use Venus Factor marvelous weight losing plans.
Losing weight is always the similar journey, but for people who have already gained 200 pounds, their body might be less accepting the change. So, all you need to do it to give some time to your body to know it’s worth.

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