4 ways to know if your husband has another woman even if he has deleted messages or call history

Having another woman is a terrible thing for wives, but before worrying about losing your husband, learn how to keep him, let him be drunk for the rest of his life. No man wants to have an affair. He cheats just because he is bored with his wife.

1. Frequently turn off the phone or do not answer your wife’s phone calls

If your husband often turns off his phone when he goes out, it proves that he is hiding something. If he turns off the phone 1 or 2 times due to work reasons or busy in meetings, you can sympathize. But always turn off the phone often, proving that he is with his lover, ladies, don’t be gentle.

2. Delete messages and call history

Cheating men often text and call their lovers. And of course, after every message or call, he will immediately delete all messages and outgoing call history so you don’t find out. Therefore, if the call log is always empty, it proves that he is having an affair.

3. Be sneaky when answering the phone

When there are friends around, or there is an incoming call or text message on the phone, he is often worried, hesitant, and does not dare to listen. Because the cheater only covers things up, or listens secretly, rather than speaking naturally in front of his wife.

4. Keep your phone with you all day

A man who once did something wrong to his wife always kept his phone with him 24/7 because he was afraid that if his wife picked up the phone and would discover his secret. If you see your husband holding the phone even while showering, cleaning and sleeping, it proves that he is hiding something from you.

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