4-year-old boy with autism who likes to wear dresses befriends Disneyland characters – let’s show him our love


For me, the most wonderful thing about planet Earth is the incredible diversity in it.

This, of course, includes amongst humans. The fact that everyone is so uniquely different makes the world what it is. I can’t imagine how boring it would be if everyone were the same.

Four-year-old Evan McLeod certainly knows a thing or two about proving this point. He might not be your average youngster, but he’s a ray of light for all those around him. What’s more, his sunshine aura is now beginning to steal the affection of the internet.

According to CBS News, Evan has autism. His birth mother was addicted to drugs and he was born premature, resulting in complications including microcephaly “and global developmental delays.”

Evan was adopted out of foster care by Eeka Rocha McLeod, who explained: “His muscles are weak, he’s only begun talking recently and still struggles with speech, and his social interactions are always a little unique.”

The four-year-old apparently loves Disney so much that Eeka, of Orange, California, takes him to Disneyland every single week. In fact, the family go so often that the actors working in Disneyland recognize him.

“Not all of them know him, but quite a few do,” McLeod said. “The cast members know him as well. And don’t judge me, but the restaurants and churro cart vendors definitely know.” 

Evan also likes to wear dresses. He initially asked back in June, one weekend when the family was gearing up to go to Disneyland.

McLeod said: “I thought at first he was confused, so I kept showing him the knight outfit and he was adamant that he wanted Snow White.”

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Ok so if I’m being 100% real with y’all I gotta tell ya, when Evan was first diagnosed as autistic I freaked. I couldn’t figure out why I was so upset. All my children have special needs so why was this different, right? And then I realized that in my mind autism meant that my son would never live a “normal life.” Truth be told, I was absolutely devastated. It took me a hot minute to pull my sh!t together and accept our new reality. It didn’t take long for me to realize that Evan’s way of thinking and behaving wasn’t so different from most children. The only real difference is he tosses a whole lotta FABULOUS into everything he does 😉 I’ve taken some flack for allowing him to wear dresses (HE asks for AND chooses them, not me), but here’s my stance on that…I want Evan and all my kids to know that they are loved and accepted for who they are and will always be. Whether it’s a major diagnosis, an obsession with unique fashion(or tacky, we’ve all been there), mistakes, setbacks, milestones, all of it! As a parent, I choose to encourage confidence and kindness because that’s what ultimately makes the difference in the lives and hearts of kiddos like mine. If nothing else, I hope Evan’s courage and joy encourage you to go out and own your most glamorous self ✊🏽🙌🏽 [A BIG thank you to the CM’s at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for being so kind to my extra special boy!] . . . . . . . #happiestplace #disneyfamily #disneykid #disneymom #disneyannualpassholder #disneyfans #disneylandforever #disneyparks #disneyside #disneyaccount #disneykids #happiestplaceonearth #disneyblogger #disneyaddict #disneyigers #disneylandresort #disneygram #ilovedisney #disneycommunity #annualpassholder #disneylandcastandcommunity #bibbidibobbidiboutique #glamorouslife #autismwarrior #abc7eyewitness

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Since that day, Evan has work dresses and tutus to the park on every occasion.

“It didn’t take long for me to realize that Evan’s way of thinking and behaving wasn’t so different from most children,” McLeod said in a recent Instagram post.

“The only real difference is he tosses a whole lotta FABULOUS into everything he does.”

The actors at Disneyland don’t judge Evan for wearing dresses. Rather, they hold his and and walk him around, often dancing and getting involved in the fun.

“Every single character and cast member interaction has played a pivotal role in his development,” Evan continued.

“That’s why McLeod takes her three kids, all of whom have special needs, to the magical amusement park every week.”

Evan, we think you’re one special boy, and we’re so happy you’re getting to live life the way you want to.

Special thanks also to mom Eeka, who obviously has the heart of a saint.

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