41 Of The Best Beach Accessories For Your Summer Vacation


If you’re heading to the beach, you’re going to want to bring along all the best beach accessories! From popup cabanas and bluetooth speakers to coolers that come complete with built in blenders, this is all the beach gear you’ll need for a perfect vacation!

This post contains affiliate links. I may receive commissions for beach accessories that you purchase at no extra cost to you (and I thank you!).

I love the beach! When I was really young we lived in Puerto Rico, then moved to Florida. That means that a lot of my childhood memories are of long walks along the sand with my mom and splashing around in the waves with my baby sister.

Eventually we moved to Atlanta and I had to settle for swimming pools and water parks. Those are fun too but it’s just not the same. That’s why I was so excited to move back to Florida a few years ago! Now we can go to the beach whenever we want and my girls will be growing up with those same memories!

Of course, when you go to the beach, it helps to have the right beach accessories! Some of my favorite beach gear are the things I can’t live without, like the beach safe and portable table. Other other cool beach stuff is just plain fun. After all, I might not actually need a cooler with a blender but with the built in speakers, phone charger and more, the Coolest Cooler has become essential beach gear!

Here are a few others (but definitely not all) of the beach accessories you’ll find on this list!

  • Small portable table
  • Sand free beach mat
  • Waterproof bags and phone cases
  • Sunshades (for adults and toddlers)
  • Cool beach chairs
  • Sand toys
  • Beach games
  • Unique kites
  • Catch & release aquarium
  • Waterproof bluetooth speakers
  • Solar phone chargers
  • Beach safe
  • Fold & carry beach grill
  • Portable wine flask
  • Inflatable lounger
  • Cooler with built in blender & speakers
  • and tons more cool beach gear!

 I even shared some of the best of the best on Sarasota’s Suncoast View…

Keep reading to see which beach accessories are must-haves for your next beach vacation!

The Best Beach Accessories For Your Summer Vacation


 Beach Essentials

Sip Clip drink holder

It never fails. I put my drink down and every time I pick it up to take a sip, the bottom is covered in sand. I am loving this Sip Clip that easily attaches to the side of my chair, keeping both me and my drink sand free!

You'll want these colorful cup holders in your beach tote

 Not using a chair? Just take these colorful beach cup holders along and stick them right in the sand.

Portable tables make great beach accessories

Even better, maybe I can bring this folding beach table for our drinks, snacks, bluetooth speaker, phone (okay, I may actually need a couple of these!).
Wet bathing suit bag

Trying to figure out what to do with a wet bathing suit is always an issue. The Crown Waterproof Bikini Bag is perfect for keeping the wet suits separated from all the dry stuff. Need something big enough for the family? Try these Waterproof Drawstring Bags instead.

How annoying is it to lay your blanket out on the beach only to have it covered in sand 10 minutes later? (You can usually thank the kids for that). The CGear Sandlite Beach Mat is a patented sand-free beach mat with technology that lets the sand fall through but won’t allow it to come back up. I haven’t tried this one yet but it’s definitely on my shopping list!

This sand mitt may just turn out to be one of your favorite beach accessories

Whoever came up with this piece of beach gear must have known my Keira. She gets so covered in sand that even her belly button is full. While this Sand Off Mitt won’t help much with the belly button, it’ll be perfect for getting at least some of the sand off before we pile in the car.

A waterproof phone case is another essential piece of beach equipment

 When it comes to beach accessories, these waterproof phone cases are essential. They also come in packs of two or four so that you can be sure the entire family is covered.


You can fit all your cool beach stuff in this Tommy Bahama cart

Tommy Bahama Beach Cart


We have an older version of this Tommy Bahama Beach Cart and it’s one of our most essential beach accessories. We cram a crazy amount of beach gear into this cart and also love the built in cooler for drinks and snacks. There’s even a slot on the side that holds a beach umbrella and the large wheels make this cart easy to push across the sand.

This beach tote holds everything from beach toys to towels

I love that this beach tote has a built in cooler as well as a waterproof cellphone case! Plus, it’s fairly big so you can pack in a good amount of beach gear.

Portable clip on fan

There’s nothing better than a cool ocean breeze but what happens when there’s not quite enough breeze to keep you cool? Just turn on this cool battery operated clip-on fan from Funwell.

Beach Umbrellas & Shelters
Pop up cabanas make great beach accessories

I’m not sure my husband would want me to choose the pink one but this pop up cabana is the perfect way to escape the sun when it starts beating down.

sunshade for toddlers

If you just want something small to keep the little ones out of the sun, this pop up sun shade for toddlers is perfect. How cool is it that you can fill it with water to create a mini pool for them to play in? This is one piece of beach equipment my girls would have loved!

Beach chair with canopy

This beach chair with canopy is perfect for when I want to keep my face shaded but still want to get a little sun on the rest of my. Plus it comes with a handy cellphone pouch and drink holder.

popup sunshade

Here’s another way to avoid all that sun on your face. The Haiyanle Popup Sunshade lets you relax on the sand and work on tanning your body while keeping your face protected.


Backpack chair

Having trouble lugging all that gear back and forth to the beach? This cool backpack chair makes it easy! Plus, it even has a pouch to carry extra items and a drink holder too!

Clip on beach umbrella

If you already have a chair but just want a little extra protection from the sun, this clip on umbrella is perfect. I love that I can just move it around as the sun shifts!

beach umbrella

If you’re looking for a full size beach umbrella, you’ll make a splash with this colorful beach umbrella. Not only does it look great but it tilts so you can adjust it as the sun moves ( and comes with it’s own carrying case too). 


Beach Toys For Kids

Beach toys for kids

It’s not a day at the beach without a few sandcastles! Bring along the Click ‘n Play Sand Beach Set so the kids can have fun playing in the sand all day long!

pink beach toys

If you have a little girl, she’s going to love this Pink Princess Beach Wagon Toy Set! Complete with sand castle molds, play tools and watering can, princesses everywhere will want this fun set of beach toys!

Slammo Beach Game

This GoSports Slammo Game Set looks like the perfect game for the beach!  This volleyball style game is fun for both kids and adults and when you’re all done, it fits back into a convenient carrying case.

If you're looking for beach toys for kids, this kite is perfect

 I don’t know who would have more fun with this sailing ship kite, me or the kids! There’s also another version that looks like a pirate ship…so cool!!!

These velcro toss and catch sets make great beach toys for kids

We recently bought one of these catch and toss velcro games and I’d forgotten how much fun they were. I love that my six year old can play it as easily as we can (sometimes better) and it’s one of the best beach toys you can bring!


John Deere Sandbox Trucks

Little boys will love pushing these John Deere Sandbox Trucks around the beach. They can scoop the sand with the front loader, then tow it around in their dump truck!
Catch and Release Aquarium

I remember how much fun I used to have as a kid catching minnows along the shore. Now my kids do the same and they can use this cool Catch and Release Beach Aquarium Kit to do it. They can watch the minnows swim around, then set them free when they’re done.

Sandhole! Cornhole For The Beach

Everybody loves cornhole but who really wants to lug an entire cornhole game to the beach, especially when you’ve got so much other beach gear to carry. Sandhole! Cornhole For The Beach makes things a whole lot easier! Not only does the “board” fold up but you fill the bags with sand when you get down to the beach, then empty them before you leave. Talk about traveling light! 


Cool Beach Gadgets

Waterproof camera for the beach

Want cool underwater pix for your Instagram page? This Nikon Coolpix W300 camera is totally waterproof and comes very highly rated. This camera will take your vacation pictures to a new level!
Solar Powered Phone Charger

There’s no place to plug in your phone at the beach but you need to keep it charged for posting all those Facebook photos and Instastories, right? This solar phone charger from Everything Tech Gear uses the power of the sun…what more do you need. I think this might actually be one of the most important beach gadgets of all!Add this umbrella hook to your list of must have beach gearThis umbrella hook is a cool beach gadget that you attach to your beach umbrella. Then you can hang your towels, sunglasses, camera and more to keep them off the sand.

This portable safe is an essential beach gadget

I hate having to keep one eye on my valuables when we’re splashing around in the water. This portable safe is a piece of beach gear that I can’t live without. It clips on to your chair or umbrella to keep phones, money, keys and other valuables safe. Don’t let the picture fool you…it’s bigger than it looks.

bluetooth speaker for beach

One of our biggest beach must haves is a waterproof bluetooth speaker. We can’t possibly lounge on the beach without some Jimmy Buffet playing in the background! If you want a more budget friendly version, this bluetooth speaker gets rave reviews too!

outdoor portable shower

Tired of getting sand all over the car after a long day at the beach? This Portable Outdoor Shower from OnTrackGear is the perfect way to rinse off after a day at the beach. 
Portable BBQ Grill

How cool is this portable BBQ grill suitcase? Keep it folded up until you get hungry, then break out the burgers and hot dogs!

Fun Beach GearCoolest cooler with built in blender

There’s a reason this cooler is called the Coolest Cooler and it may just be my favorite of all the beach gear on this list! With a built in blender, bottle opener and cutting board, bluetooth speakers and more, this is pretty much the coolest cooler you’ll ever find! Throw in some margarita mix and crank up the Jimmy Buffet for the perfect beach day!
wine for the beach

Is there anything better than sunset at the beach? YES…sunset at the beach with a glass of wine in your hand! If you’re a wine lover like me, you’ll want to bring along this portable wine flask. Fill it with a little wine, throw it in the cooler and you’re good to go!

wine glasses for the beach

Now these shatterproof wine glasses are just plain fun! Pop one end in the sand to hold it upright and you’ve got yourself the perfect glass for the beach! Plus, these things even float (though that feature might be better tested in the pool than in the ocean!)

Inflatable beach lounger

The Toneeta Inflatable Lounger is perfect for getting comfy on the beach! Carry it down to the beach in the convenient tote bag, then inflate…no pump required!

Bonfire log

This Light Go Bonfire Log is perfect for creating a mini bonfire on the beach. Just don’t forget to bring your marshmallows!
palm tree cooler

I seriously want one of these for our pool but it’s perfect for the beach too. Just inflate, add a few bags of ice and you have a fun palm tree cooler to keep drinks and snacks chilled and easy to get to.This beach chair with cooler is cool beach must have

A beach chair AND a cooler? It doesn’t get much easier than this crafty coolerpack beach chair.

Towel clips make great beach accessories

There’s nothing worse than having your towel fall down every time you shift in your beach chair. These margarita beach towel holders are beach must haves for keeping those towels in place.

dog travel bag

Finally, we can’t forget about our furry friends! If you’re bringing your dog to the beach, this dog travel bag is perfect for holding food, water, toys, a leash and anything else man’s best friend might need.

Be sure to check out Sarasota’s Suncoast View where I shared several of these products in action! Which of these do you want for your next vacation?


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