5 Reasons To Take A Vacation With Costa Rica Family Holidays


Planning a family vacation to Costa Rica? From adventure travel to beach vacations, find out why Costa Rica Family Holidays is the go-to travel company for a Costa Rica vacation the whole family will love!

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 Thanks so much to the Costa Rica Institute Of Tourism, Costa Rica Family Holidays and the Family Travel Association for hosting this amazing trip. All opinions are 100% my own.  

Costa Rica was high on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. My friends would visit and come back with rave reviews so I always knew it was someplace I just had to check it out. When I finally got the chance to visit, it didn’t disappoint!

Costa Rica Family Holidays 

One of the things that made my trip so amazing was the fact that it was planned by Costa Rica Family Holidays. Founded by husband and wife team Stephanie and Emilio, Costa Rica Family Holidays specializes in family vacations to Costa Rica, whether you’re traveling as a small family, taking a multigenerational vacation or planning a large family reunion.

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Because Stephanie and Emilio were both born and raised in Costa Rica, you’re getting a Costa Rica vacation package planned by experts. They know the ins and outs of the country and all that it has to offer. Because of this, they’re able to plan a vacation that’s just right for your family.


Here’s what you’ll get when you let Costa Rica Family Holidays plan your vacation…

 Experience Authentic Costa Rica

 With Costa Rica Family Holidays, you’ll get an authentic taste of Costa Rica. Because it’s run by Costa Ricans, I was able to enjoy experiences in Costa Rica that I might have missed out on otherwise.

Being able to take part in a traditional shamen ceremony was definitely a first for me and taught me about Costa Rican culture. Plus, it was pretty cool to meet a real shamen!

The next night, we learned about gigantes, giant puppet costumes worn in parades and other cultural events around the county. We even met one of the local artisans that spends his time creating them.

Giant Puppets in Costa Rica

I even got to try one on and experience it for myself. That’s me on the far right.

Gigantes dancing

Without Costa Rica Family Holidays, I probably would never have knows about these fun cultural experiences. 

Customized Itineraries

These Costa Rica vacation package are customized according to what your family’s interests are and what you most want to experience. Based on how you answer their questionnaire, Costa Rica Family Holidays will plan the perfect itinerary for you. Whether you want to hang out on the beach or hike through the rainforest, they’ll make it happen!

Kid Friendly

Because Stephanie and Emilio have children of their own, they know exactly what’s involved with planning a family vacation. They know which activities work best for age groups from toddlers to teens. Teens may want to go ziplining through the rainforest while younger kids will love getting up close and personal with the sloths at Escate Animal Zooave.

Sloth munching on leaves at Rescate Animal ZooAve in Costa Rica 

There are also plenty of activities for the entire family. Our painting class in Sarchi had students ranging in age from young children to older adults.

Painting class in Sarchi

Not only do they plan all the best activities but Stephanie and Emilio also worry about all the little things so that you don’t have to. Before you arrive, they’ll find out about any dietary restrictions or allergies and plan accordingly. If you need a refrigerator in your room, they’ll make sure you have it. If your teen can’t live without wi-fi, they’ll arrange that too. They really do go above and beyond!

Fully Accessible Vacations

Costa Rica Family Holidays are also dedicated to making the country accessible to everyone. They often work hand in hand with the tourism board to make improvements and their most recent project involves making beach more accessible to those in wheelchairs. They’ve even taken disable travelers ziplining through the forest, something I didn’t even realize was possible. 

Costa Rica ziplining

Most of the places we visited were fully accessible and had paths that were easy to navigate.

Accessible paths at Rescate Animal ZooAve

Whether it’s a child in a wheelchair, a teen with autism or a senior with mobility issues, they can plan a vacation to fit your needs. Plus, their fleet includes vehicles designed to transport wheelchairs or other special accommodations.   Costa Rica as a whole is one of the most accessible places I’ve visited and it’s becoming more so every day.

Fully Guided Tours

I typically don’t do guided tours because I like my independence. However, this isn’t the kind of tour where you’re thrown on a big bus surrounded by strangers. Families are paired with their own personal guide/driver to show them around. We hit the jackpot when we got Diego as our guide!

Diego, tour guide for Costa Rica Family Holidays

Not only was he a lot of fun, as a Costa Rican native he knew everything there was to know about all the places we were going. I learned so much more about Costa Rica and it’s customs than if I’d just been driving myself around. Plus, it’s always a little unnerving to drive in a strange country and I really enjoyed leaving that part to someone else! 

By the time we were done, Diego was our new best friend! While the trip would have been a great experience anyway, he made it truly memorable! (I’m sure all of the guides are fabulous but if you go, you really should request Diego…you’ll love him!) 

Costa Rica Family Holidays tour guide Diego

You’ll Make Amazing Memories

The best part of our trip was just how much fun it was. We cooked local cuisine, milked cows and swung through the trees like Tarzan. One of the highlights was hiking through the rainforest with beautiful views overlooking the Arenal Volcano. If their priority was to make sure we had a trip to remember, they definitely accomplished their goal!

View of the Arenal Volcano from Mistico Hanging Bridges in Costa Rica

You’ll even get special souvenirs to take home at the end of your vacation! Each day, kids are asked to collect one small item and share it with their guide. It can be a volcanic rock, a Costa Rica coin or even a leaf from the rainforest.

Parents have a “job” too. They have to share their most memorable pictures each day. At the end of the trip, kids are presented with a personalized box filled with their treasure. Adults receive a special photo album capturing all their favorite moments from the trip. It was a special touch and the perfect way to take a little piece of Costa Rica back home.

Leaving Costa Rica

Costa Rica is such a fun family vacation destination and I can’t wait to go back with my family. I know they’ll fall in love with it just as I did! Plus, it’ll be easy an easy trip to plan because I’ll let Costa Rica Family Holidays do all the work for me.

Have you been to Costa Rica? What would you most like to do on vacation there? 

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