82-Year-Old Powerlifting Grandma Beats the Light Out Of a Man Who Broke Into Her Home


bodybuilding grandmother beats up burglar

How will the creep explain to his friends that he got his burgling butt whooped by an 82-year-old woman? That would be a conversation I’d like to listen to.

On Thursday night, Willie Murphy from Rochester, New York, was getting ready for bed when a man knocked on her door. He said he was sick and he needed her to call an ambulance. Willie called the police but she didn’t let him in. Apparently, the man thought an old woman living alone in a dark house would be an easy target.

He couldn’t have been more wrong.

Speaking to WHAM News, Willie said she tried not to panic [1]. After all, she’s an award-winning bodybuilder who spends most of her time powerlifting at the gym. He had no idea who he was messing with.

 “I hear a loud noise,” she said. “I’m thinking, ‘What the heck was that? The young man is in my home. He broke the door. He picked the wrong house to break into,” Willie said.

Household items put him in the ER

“It’s kind of semi-dark and I’m alone, and I’m old. But guess what, I’m tough,” she said, baring her muscular arms. 

According to Willie’s narration of the smackdown, she showed him no mercy. When she found out he’d gotten into her house, she picked the closest item she could use as a weapon. A table. She brought it down on him so hard that the furniture snapped into pieces.

While he was down on the ground writhing in pain, she grabbed a bottle of shampoo and went to work.

“I grabbed the shampoo,” she said. “Guess what? He’s still on the ground. In his face, all of it, the whole thing.”

The beat-down didn’t end there. Willie found a broom nearby and began to hit him with it. He tried to pull it out of her hands. Sadly for him, her abs aren’t made of air. She snatched the broom and beat him until he was subdued.

The police arrive

Willie said that the man attempted to leave but he couldn’t move on his own. 

He wants to get the heck out of there. And I’m trying to help him get out of the house, but he’s too heavy. I can’t move him. He’s dead weight,” she said.

When the police and ambulance arrived, the suspect was intoxicated and whisked off to the hospital. Willie says she’s not pressing charges. The first responders had never seen anything like that and were proud of Willie’s strength and courage.

So they come in. He laying down already because I really did a number on him. I’m serious. The officers that came wanted to go on my front porch and take selfies with me. I think he was happy when he went in the ambulance because I sent him in the ambulance. Yes, I did.” she said, proud that she was able to defend herself.

Willie says she’s so strong that she can lift a 225-pound weight – and I don’t doubt her for a second. She went back to the YMCA and was given a hero’s welcome. Everyone wanted to take pictures with her and she enjoyed every bit of the attention [2].

Willie hopes that people her age would begin to work out more and stay fit. It doesn’t only improve their health and wellbeing, but they’ll also be able to defend themselves if the need arises.

Thumbs up, Mama Willie!

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