90% Of Viewers Couldn’t Spot The Baby Chick Waddling Among The Ducklings! But Can You Find It?


The photo gives us a summer feeling and makes us want to jump into the water as well. But don’t let the adorable ducklings pull you in!

Some of them are wearing a hat while others are wearing a shade. We even found a tiny mouse among the ducklings! Did you find that one too?

In the water, there is a fish trying to watch some of the ducklings as they play on the sand.

But have you found the baby chick yet? If you are still struggling, focus your attention on the lower left quadrant! Good luck!

Like the ducklings, the baby chick is also enjoying the sun and it seems like it wants to go the water.

Have you spotted it yet?

If you still can’t find the baby chick, scroll down to see its location.








Here it is:


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