A Bear Was Driving A Truck. –

A bear was driving a truck on the highway…

Suddenly he saw a rabbit riding a sports motorcycle and overtaking the truck from the wrong side.

The rabbit came near the front window of the truck and asked the bear,

“Do you know how to ride a bike”

And then was gone zip zap zoom.

In a while, the rabbit again came again from behind the truck and asked the same question

“hey, do you know how to ride a bike?”

The bear ignored thinking that the rabbit must be high on weed.

The entire sequence continued for some time.

A while later the bear saw the rabbit has fallen on the ground and a crashed motorcycle nearby.

He pulled over the highway, got down and asked,

“hey do you know how to ride a bike? “

The rabbit frowned and said,

“I don’t know @$$hole and that’s why I was asking you if you can help!”

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