A Duck Walks Into A Bar.

A duck walks into a bar one day waddle over and waddles over to the bartender, the duck asks

“got any lunch?”

Bartender replies back

“sorry this is a bar we don’t serve lunch”

duck happily says “ok” and leaves.

The next day duck comes back in and goes to the bartender.

” Hey, bartender! What’s for lunch!?!”

Bartender short on patience replies..

“I did tell ya yesterday we don’t serve lunch at a bar! Now you come in here asking for lunch again I’ll nail your feet to the bar!”

Duck happily say “ok!” And leaves….. the following day duck returns again…

“Hey, bartender!?”

Bartender replies with “what now duck?”

Duck says ” got a hammer?”

Bartender..”well no..I don’t”.

Duck asks “any nails?”

The bartender replies again with a ” no….”

duck encouraged asks…..

” What’s for lunch!”

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