A Husband Ask Her Wife. –

Husband: Sweetheart please come here.

Wife: What is it?

Husband: Just come to the bēdroom.

Wife: Why?

Husband: Can you be obedient for once in your life?

Wife: Okay, here I am.

Husband: remøve your clothes

Wife: remøve my clothes? why?

Husband: Just do what I tell you to do and come beside me on the bêd, don’t waste time

Wife: Okay, they are off.

Husband: Nice one sweetie, what about your bra and pant? Remøve them too.

Wife : Please, I am not in the mood.

Husband: Just remøve your pant and bra and stop all this your every day not in the mood story!

Wife: okay, they are off.

Husband: okay, climb the bêd.

Wife: why? Am I your slāve?

Husband: Just climb the bêd and relax.

Wife: Okay, so what’s next?

Husband: I just want you to help me count my money, every time you help me count the money while your clothes are on, my money always disāppear.

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