A Lion Is Chasing A Monkey.

A Lion is chasing a Monkey in the Jungle

The lion was chasing the monkey then suddenly a fairy appeared and stopped both of them.

The fairy said that she’ll give both the lion and the monkey 3 wishes each if the lion stops chasing the monkey.

The lion agrees and states his first wish

“ I wish all the lions in this jungle become lionesses “

The monkey also gives his first wish

“ i wish for a helmet”

The lion goes for the second wish

“ I wish all the lions in the neighbouring jungle become Lionesses too “

The monkey asks for his second wish

“ I want a motorcycle with a tank full of gas “

The lion gives his final wish

“ I want all the lions in the world to turn into Lionesses “

The Monkey puts on his helmet, starts up his motorcycle and then asks for his final wish

“I wish you make this Lion’s balls disappear “

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