What Is BMI And Why Should You Check It Regularly

Overview: The Basal Metabolic Index (BMI) of a person is the weight in percentage depending on his/her height and weight. It is the result you get after dividing the weight of a person by the square of his/her weight. It is required to understand whether a person is under or overweight. The BMI varies from person to person depending on the weight and height of the individual. Also the BMI of a male is not the same as that of a female.

Article: All of us should be aware of our BMI because if our weight increases or decreases much beyond the normal level we may have risks of various ailments. The way to calculate your BMI is very easy. You have to put your height and weight in the BMI calculator. And you will get the accurate result if you press the button “calculate”. If you are over 18, it is important to know your BMI from time to time. if you are pregnant  BMI calculation if not applicable. BMI of a person depends on his ethnicity, age, gender and also history of previous ailment (if any).

Why should you know your BMI?

There are lots of ailments that are directly or indirectly linked to high BMI. A BMI over 30 is a risk factor for your health. If you do not have any other disease apart from obesity, you should focus on eating healthy and regular exercise to cut off excess weight. For that you should keep monitoring your BMI. People who are prone to obesity should make it a point to check your BMI twice a month. Accordingly you should consult your physician and plan your diet and workout schedule.

BMI in females

The standard range of BMI in females is from 18.5-24.9 if the BMI of a woman comes out to be less than 18.5 she will be declared as underweight and if she weighs more than 24.9 she will be obese. A woman whose BMI is low cam be healthy if she is naturally slim and does not have any health issues. But in case she has lost weight and her BMI has dropped, she should consult a doctor immediately. There may be a number of reasons for which your BMI has come down and it needs to be treated as soon as possible.

Woman with high BMI

A woman with BMI 25 is considered to be overweight. And someone who is more than 30 is severely obese.  It can lead to a number of risk factors for your health. But if a woman is athletic and has a high BMI, it is not considered to be high or abnormal. Obesity can lead to cardiac problems and stroke. If you have a high BMI, it is always advisable to consult a doctor and plan your diet accordingly.

Obesity in women

Obesity is at times a genetic factor in case of many women. It has been seen that a woman having a lineage of having some extra pounds. It is a very notion to consider the percentage of your BMI as the final word. A lot of factors come into consideration while certifying your overall health condition. If there is any abrupt rise or fall in your BMI, the first thing you need is to get a thorough investigation of your health. Once the reason is identified the doctor can suggest you the course of treatment. At times it is seen that women who exercise regularly, have developed lean muscles. Naturally her BMI increases slightly. Even with a high BMI you can lead a healthy life if you can handle your body weight in your everyday activities.



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