Baby Bump Size This Danish Triplet Pregnant Woman Steals Attention, Take a Look at 12 Portraits!

Pregnant women certainly have a stomach size (baby bump) are different. Sometimes it looks big and sometimes it’s not too visible. However, size baby bump This Danish triplet pregnant woman stole the show.

A Danish influencer, Michella Meier-Morsi, who is pregnant with 3 twins, has a very large belly. She also often shares portraits and stories of her pregnancy. Here’s a portrait of baby Bump twins 3 from early pregnancy to delivery!

12 Baby Bump Portraits of Danish Triplet Pregnant Mothers That Stole Attention!

1. Baby Bump, Danish Triplet Pregnant Mother, Michella Meier-Morsi at the beginning of her pregnancy

Source: Instagram

When she found out she was pregnant with three twins, she felt happy and nervous at the same time. She also regularly checks her womb to see her three twin babies, named Kylle, Pylle, and Rille.

“I always close my eyes when they start the scan and only open it when they’ve seen life. ⁣ This is absolutely crazy, but I’m always afraid that something is wrong. ⁣,” he said on Instagram.

2. Entering the age of 12 weeks, he began to feel life in his stomach

Baby Bump Michella When Pregnant 12 Weeks is already obvious. At that time, he had started to feel the life in his stomach. He felt like he had a butterfly farm in his stomach. This made him even happier.

3. Baby Bump Michella Meier-Morsi is getting bigger at 17 weeks

At the age of 17 weeks, she again checked the condition of her pregnancy. He was very moved to see that his three prospective sons were in good health. Everything from the blood vessels in the organs to the heart, kidneys, stomach, brain and other tests showed good results.

4. Baby Bump, Danish Triplet Pregnant Mother at 19 Weeks

Michella admits that she can’t wait to check every week. In his upload, he shared that his family had begun to be enthusiastic about the condition of his growing stomach. Especially his daughter who will soon become an older sister.

5. 20 weeks of gestation, the stomach is getting bigger

Entering the age of 20 weeks of pregnancy, she is increasingly aware of the various risks of carrying twins, one of which is premature birth. He admitted that he was very worried about it. However, every time he checked, he was grateful that the condition of the three little heroes was fine.

6. When Pregnant 25 Weeks, Heavy her body Up 17 Kg

Entering the age of 25 weeks his stomach is very large and rounded. He also began to feel the complaints of large pregnant women. His son’s kicks have also become more active. His weight has increased by 17 kg.

“All my muscles feel like big bruises, my bones hurt, my nerves hurt, my pelvic pain is increasing, and my stomach is big and sore,” she wrote in one of her posts.

7. Portrait of Her Pregnancy Towards 30 Weeks

She was 29 weeks 5 days pregnant and carrying three babies in her tummy was very tiring for her. Apart from being big and heavy, stretch marks had appeared almost all over his stomach. The movement of the babies was painful. He felt very relieved when he laid his stomach on the bed.

8. The two children are enthusiastically waiting for their sister

Previously, Michelle had two children. The two children were very enthusiastic about waiting for their sister. Soon their family members will number 7 people.

9. Trying to smile while holding back her 34-week-old pregnancy

This is a portrait of Michella at 34 weeks and 3 days pregnant. She is already in the weeks leading up to delivery. He could already imagine how relieved he was when the three twins came out of his stomach. The weight of 7 kilos that he has been carrying will be born into the world. He felt proud that his body was able to carry the weight of many kilos during this time.

10. Baby Bump Triplet Pregnant Mother Ahead of Childbirth

By the time she gave birth, her sleep was really disturbed. Michella admitted that she went back and forth to the toilet five times because she often urinated. What is done before delivery is a lot of rest.

11. Age 35 Weeks, Three Days Before Caesarean

Michelle is planning to do a cesarean section for her delivery later. Multiple pregnancies are risky, so this procedure must be done.

12. Finally 3 Heroes are Born into the World

Finally three male twins were born into the world safely. Michelle felt a great sense of joy.

That’s a portrait of baby Bump, a Danish triplet pregnant woman from the beginning of her pregnancy until her delivery. Many stories were told during this moment. Wow, congrats on the birth!

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