Before-And-After School Photos Of This Five-Year-Old Will Have You in Stitches


before and after of little girls first day at school

A strong woman is one who’s been through fire and came out the other side, stronger and better. Well, in this case, she came out deshelled and hassled, but she’s stronger anyway.

Scottish mom Jill from East Renfrewshire just had to show the rest of the world what it meant to have a rough Monday. Her five-year-old princess, Lucie, went to school looking impeccably neat and tidy. Her socks were drawn up, her tie was nicely done, and her hair was perfectly groomed. Hours later at pick-up, her mom did a double-take when she saw Lucie. Lucie looked like something the, ‘cat had dragged’ in, and when her mom asked what she’d been up to, she slyly replied, “Nothing much.”

Atta girl!

Lucie went viral in a matter of days

According to Jill, Lucie was excited to be going to school that day because she had new clothes, shoes and a lovely girly bag. 

“She absolutely loves school and this was her first day in P2 so she absolutely loved having her new things on,” Jill said to BBC [1].

Her mom sent her father the photos to give him a second-hand view of what Lucie’s first day had been like. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Neat little Lucie who always liked to look perfect was actually looking messy. 

They sent the pictures to Barrhead News who uploaded it on Facebook with the caption, “Out of all the Back To School pictures we received here at Barrhead News HQ, this has got to be our favourite. 😂Jillian’s daughter, Lucie, who started her first day back to P2, clearly had a more eventful day than all of us on Monday!”

Jill is not alone in the struggle

The post has so far garnered 6,000 reactions and over 10,000 comments on Facebook. Parents were having a fun time posting before-and-after pictures of their kids, and I must say, they all have very eventful times at school these days. Some parents admitted to not recognizing their kids at pick-up. 

One Mom, Ursula Jordan, shared a photo of her son from two years ago. His wasn’t a case of going to school neat and returning untidy. Spot the hilarious difference in his before-and-after. 

She captioned it, “Yes I had the same situation with my lad Frankie when he started school 2 years ago 😂.”

Jill says her daughter attends a very good school with amazing teachers who keep the children fully entertained. In the end, Lucie was happy with how her Monday had turned out.

“The wonders of primary two,” Jill said. “The teachers are really good, they do a lot of active learning and things with them – so I take it, it was down to that. She’d obviously had a really fun day.”

Although her mom thinks she’s still a bit too young to understand what it means to be famous, Lucie is going head-first into the stardom thing. She goes around telling anyone who cares to listen “Oh, I’m famous!”

 Baby didn’t come out to play!

Someone on Facebook edited Lucie’s picture, and I must say, it’s the perfect fit.

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