Being born in December gives you several advantages, studies show


I like to think the fact that I was born in March has had little to no impact on the course of my life in general.

My opinion has always been that I am who I am, and have subsequently accomplished all I have, because of my hard work and persistence. As a result, I’ve never given an afterthought to the ‘ideal’ month in which have a baby.

There are studies, however, that insist having a baby in December could hand your little ones a host of different advantages. Sure, it may seem like your child’s birthday celebrations potentially being overshadowed by Christmas is best avoided where possible, but science says otherwise.

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For starters, one study reportedly found that babies born in December could benefit from sleeping better. The study in question appeared to indicate that those babies born in the last month of the year fell asleep faster and earlier than their summer counterparts.

Another study suggested they’re more likely to be “morning people” as well!

Not only that, but December babies could also have a longer life expectancy. A study found in the Journal of Aging Research shows that your baby will have more chance of seeing 100 years old if born in December.

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If that’s not enough to convince you, other studies have shown that people born between September and December enjoy a lower rate of cardiovascular disease than those who are not.

This, of course, goes hand in hand with the previous point.

Then there’s another survey touting the idea that December babies are friendlier in general. Yes, that’s right, there’s less grump with those born in the 12th month (apparently).

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But it’s not just health and social benefits reaped from being birthed close to Christmas. One study claims that being one of the youngest in your class (for those countries that sort school years by Jan to December) can make you smarter.

In actual fact, statistically speaking December babies are more likely than the rest of us to become dentists! While not all of us are keen to work our whole lives in someone else’s mouth, few can deny that it’s a stable, rewarding career.

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Who knew?! Do you know anyone born in December? If so, let them know in the comments box.

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