Best friends of eighty years move into same care home together


When I was young I liked to think me and my best friend would be stuck at the hip for our entire lives.

Of course, life tends to get in the way of such things. Work and family made the dream of living in some mansion where the only thing that mattered was having fun impossible.

Two elderly best friends from the UK, however, weren’t prepared to give up so easily. Olive Woodward and Kathleen Saville, both aged 89, have known each other since their school days when they were 11.

They lived their entire lives on the same road in Mansfield, Nottingham, and both had husbands who worked at the Coal Board.

It makes sense then that now these two friends have ensured they will quite literally share their bond to the grave … since they’ve moved into the same care home.

As per reports, Kathleen moved into Berry Hill Park after her husband of 35 years died last year.

Best friends forever

Olive, meanwhile, lost her own partner in 2004, and has been living independently ever since.

Until now, that is. She recently decided to join Kathleen at the home, and has a room just down the hall.

Kathleen said: “We are 89 but we look 63. We have been good friends and never fallen out. We are still good looking. We have never argued over anything. She’s a good friend.

“We don’t cause any trouble in the home, but we sometimes have to knock the staff into shape.

“I just raced one of the managers down the hallway for a laugh.

“I’m so glad Olive is here now, we’re like giggling school girls and we still put on our lippy and get dressed up.

“We always say to each other ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it.”

The best friends met back in 1941, when they sat next to each other at Ravenshead School in Nottingham.

Speaking on her decision to join Kathleen in the care home, Olive said: “I feel very lucky to have my best friend down the hall. We’ve built many memories together and we’re making more every day.

“When Kathleen moved into the home I missed her and I used to go and see her every Saturday for lunch. Then I thought, why don’t I move in too?

“If I’m unhappy or in trouble I only have to go to Kathleen and we’ll always end up laughing.”

Three cheers for these best friends! It’s great to see that Kathleen and Olive have kept their bond alive so long.

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