The Best Natural Way to Lose Weight

There are plenty of ways available for the perfect weight loss in less time with great perfection but none of them can surpass the nutritive diet plans and robust workout recommendations. And I reckon, food is what we prioritize to deal our weight because that’s what we can’t avoid. The double game, you see. I’m here with a planned food guide that can help you lose as low as half a pound to as much as 3 pounds a week. This is the best and healthy level of weight loss that you can achieve naturally without utilizing any weight losing supplement within a week and science backs this idea experimentally.

For how to lose weight in the best possible and quick way this is the summary of what you need to do:

> Fasten your metabolism and body activity

> Lower your calorie intake and reduce your hunger

> Lose as much weight as you want without staying hungry

In this regard, here are some workable suggestions that you can follow to achieve the above-mentioned goals.

Before heading towards the main subject, don’t forget to stay consistent and honest with yourself. Everything takes time and weight loss is the first thing that is worth your effort among all other things because if you’re healthy, you have everything and if not you are a loser. Choose your path wisely.

Strike against the insulin

Insulin is the first hormone that will help you burn more fats than you’re taking in only if you get successful in lowering its proportion in your body. Reduced insulin level in the body limits your hunger, help your stomach and kidneys to cooperate to throw more sodium and extra water out of the body and burn more fats. But there are foods you might have been eating that boost the insulin production and those foods are enriched with starch and sugar. The best way to avoid higher insulin level is to avoid starchy and sugary foods no matter how much you like them particularly the sugary drinks. These drinks don’t offer you anything but a huge bunch of calories that help you in no possible way but yes in increasing the unnecessary calorie level. Just avoid using fruits, foods and drinks that contain the unhealthy amount of sugar or starch and help your stomach take some rest.

Another best way to boost insulin level is to consume low carb food and avoid fatty foods. Insulin actually helps you to accumulate fewer fats and burn those which are already covering many areas of your stomach.

Have you ever wondered why diabetic people gain so much weight? Yes, because their insulin level is already higher than the normal people. So watch your insulin level by checking it one in two weeks and lose weight in the best possible way.

Eat Whole Proteins

Research says that eating protein only boost your metabolism by 60% and reduce your hunger pangs by half and keep you so full for at least 6-7 coming hours after having the meal that overeating becomes a distant dream and yes it naturally reduces your calorie intake by 440. Can you imagine? Therefore, whatever you eat in a day your meals should contain the healthy amount of proteins, fibres, low carbs and reduced fats. Actually, when you add solely protein in your diet it brings everything else at the place such as taking protein automatically brings your carb level to the acceptable range of 25-50 grams per day.


And the fun part is that you don’t have to worry about where to get this full of protein meals and how to watch how much of them you’re eating. Many of the things in your kitchen can help you with that such as organic eggs (the best option), lean meat, beef, chicken, lamb, salmon, tuna and many fruits and vegetables. Let’s have a look at what in particular can offer you grand delights of protein.

From vegetables

Almost all of the vegetables are healthy and nutritive but some of them are cutting the boundaries with their awesomeness such as broccoli, spinach, kale, sprouts, cucumber, celery, lettuce, cabbage and many other that are green, fresh and carrying a complete wonderland of proteins.

From fruits

Basically, not all of the fruits are protein friendly as some of them are really sugary such as banana, mango etc. But don’t get afraid to add berries, avocado, grapefruit and organic apples on your plate, in your smoothies or shakes for the fantastic benefits. They are the best!

From Oils

The natural and healthy oils that you can use while cooking or dressing the salads also offer the great bunch of weight losing proteins. Olive oil, coconut oil, butter and avocado oil are all fitness friendly and the research published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and JAMA Internal Medicine has taken the back of theses oils to prove them weight losing friendly.

REMINDER: Take 4-5 meals a day covering three squares and 1 or 2 snacks and keep your meals proteins enriched and low in carbs.

Hit Some Gym Stuff Too Guys

A healthy diet coupled with healthy exercise is the diamond cutting another ugly diamond (high-calorie intake). It’s as iron cuts iron, food cuts extra food’s effects but if they whole eating plan is synchronized with some cardio or weight lifting, nothing can beat it not even the overnight working weight losing supplements.

Do some walk, go to the gym, and engage in cardio, stretching and weight lifting 2-3 days a week. Research has revealed that light exercise with low carb diet plan helps you boost your metabolism by 40% and that is no less. If you’re not a gym person, you can ask your trainer to recommend some robust home-based exercises that you can work on in your lounge or somewhere.

Eat well, live well.

Finishing it with the golden advice that just keep your portions and plates small and avoid untimely snacking. More of, skipping sugary and fatty food can cover all of your weight losing shortcomings in the quest of how to lose weight.

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