Best Working Exercises to Lose Arms Fats

Nobody likes chubby body and desire for toned physic remains constant. Whether it is belly, side fats, legs, hips or arms toned body is all we prefer. We are here on to discuss the arms fats. Arms that if get flabby makes you hate yourself. And trust me they look too off in party dresses and even in office suits. But there is nothing impossible in this world if you have right motivation to do right things in life in the pursuit of happiness.

To keep a check on your arms, there are certain exercises that you can follow at home without depending upon a trainer and they really help you get toned arms which are neither fluffy nor thin but super ideal.

Following are the exercises which are easy, don’t get much time, don’t require professional training and don’t let you waste your money over the gym. Your lounge is your fitness place and your home is where you’re going to celebrate your fitness victory.

Ready? Grab a chair some weight or any other helpful stuff and get started!

Weight Lifting

You don’t require some dumbbells to perform it. Just grab a chair and any that is heavy enough to cast an effect. Sit on the chair with your back straight and body in right position. Hold the weight in your hands, stretch your arms, bring your hands over your head making it as the initial point and lower your hands at the back of your head as much as you can. Just don’t hurt yourself and get back to the starting point immediately. Rest your arms and repeat the process. You can offer 3 sets of 20 reps repetitively making it 60 times you’re going to hold the weight in your hands and raise it to the position of your head.

Chair Dips

This is one of the effective exercises that not only affect your arms but also your back muscles and all you need is a chair and little dedication. Use the chair or any furniture that is two feet above the ground and face away from the chair. Now place your hand’s shoulder wide apart at the edge of the chair and position your body keeping 3 feet distance from the chair. Now lower your hip and knee as much as you can. Perform 3 sets of 20 reps and you’re done with it. Perform this exercise consistently for 2 months and your arms will never be the same. They will be just awesome and toned and your arms fats will be gone.

Counter Push Ups

This is also an effective exercise to tone your arms and to lose the arm fats. It is done with some table or the kitchen counter. Just place your hands at the edge of the counter shoulder width apart. Stand straight at the side of the counter and bring your body back to it until you’re focusing your weight on your toes-tips having your body in inclined position. Now, push your body forward, bend your elbow and ensure the push-up. Stay there for a while and straighten up your elbows and repeat the process.


This exercise is really fun just like playing as a kid. Basically, it is about moving your arms and legs like opening and closing the scissors. Just stand up, bring your arms in front of you at the shoulder height and turn it around so that left arm overlaps the right shoulder and vice versa. And same with the legs. It will be like jumping and crossing your legs and arms repetitively and arm fats will be kicked out.

Push Ups

What can replace pushups? Nothing. It is not only best for arm fats but also good for belly fats, for legs, for hips shortly for the whole of the body. But it might get difficult to start as it needs to lift the whole of your weight over your branches.

You can start it with knee push-ups that don’t put much pressure on your body. And then you can switch to the toe push-ups that are hard but gold.

One Arm Triceps Dips

The speciality of this super exercise is that it hits the triceps of your arms, the back portion where most of the arm fats deposit. To perform this particular exercise, luckily, you don’t need any equipment only some open space at your place. All you need to do is to sit straight with your feet and legs joined together with bent knees. Now, place your hands behind your hips on the floor with your palms placed shoulder-width apart and fingers pointing backwards. Now straighten your arms and lift your hips off the ground and bend your right elbow to ensure the lowering of hips towards the floor as low as possible. But make it sure that your hip doesn’t touch the floor. Now use your left elbow and repeat this process for 10 to 15 times and continue it until 2-3 weeks. Results will be visible. Don’t forget to report us back if it really helps you in any way!

Half Moon Rotation

This exercise simply targets your biceps and triceps and helps you lose your arm fats and tone them. The results of this exercise have proved that to burn the arm fats, you don’t always need to be exhaustive. Even the simple exercises hitting the right portions of your body can help you achieve the goal and one of those simple exercises is half-moon rotation.

All you need to do is to stand up, keeping your legs hip width apart and your arms stretched horizontally to the sides with fingers tightly closed. Now, position your fingers towards the ground while not changing the position of arms and start to rotate the thumb until the hands are positioned towards the floor. Repeat the rotation and enjoy thin arms in no time.

This is all you need to do but if you’re not consistent with your effort, nobody can help you. Stay passionate and don’t forget the fact that you deserve to look good no matter what.

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