Brothers arrested following video showing two men firing handguns while driving


Police in Texas arrested two brothers Monday night in connection with a video that went viral over the weekend.

Police were alerted after a popular Instagram account shared the disturbing video.

Over the weekend, a video showing two men firing handguns out the window of a car while driving on a highway made its way around the internet.

The video was shared by The Real Fit Fam El Paso, a popular Instagram account in El Paso. Police received word about the concerning video and opened an investigation.

On Monday the El Paso Police Department executed a warrant and arrested Josue Macias, 21, and Ruben Macias, 23. Officers also found guns and drugs in the house.

The brothers were charged with discharge of a firearm in certain municipalities, and according to police might face additional charges. They are currently being held on $25,000 bonds.

“Sound police work and citizens not tolerating crime, providing information to the police led to these arrests,” police said in a statement.

How could anyone think firing a handgun out the window of a moving car is ok? I’m glad no one got hurt and I’m even more thankful that everyone worked together to catch these two men.

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