Buble’s New Song has Parents Bawling


Michael buble and his son sleeping in bed

Music, above all other art forms, holds the power to touch our emotions, even the ones we bury deep within ourselves. Songs can trigger feelings and memories, making us feel anything from empowered to morose to angry. 

Then there are the songs that shake us at our core. They are a pure representation of an emotion or experience. They bond people of widely different backgrounds over their most fundamental human experiences. That’s the power of music. No song can be a better example of this than Michael Bublé’s new song, “Forever Now.”

The viral lyric video has the simplistic beauty and nostalgia of a Pixar film, and all of the feels from the classic book Love You Forever. It’s a bright animation of a bedroom filmed in stop-motion as it transforms from a baby nursery with a crib, to a little boy’s room with toy trains, to a middle school kid’s with sport’s equipment, to a teenager’s with a bean bag and a laptop. Then the belongings are packed up as the child goes to college. Eventually, all of the furniture is taken as well. For a while, the room is empty, until the moving boxes return to lay out a new nursery for a little girl. 

The comment’s section is as beautiful as the video itself with people sharing their experiences as parents, some expecting their first child, some with adult children, and children themselves who admit to crying through this video because it reminds them of the love their parents have shown them through the years. The bitter-sweetness of the song has left everyone in tears.

It’s a normal thing for a child to grow up. One day a parent is changing diapers and preparing bottles, and the next the child is off to college. The video seems to be reminding us not to let these moments go. Soon enough, we will be wondering where the time has gone. 

“I’ll Never Sing It Again”

The song was released on Bublé’s new Love album and the lyric video was posted on YouTube on March 1st of this year, but it began trending as parents are sending their children back to school or to college for the first time.

Although this song has gone viral and touched the hearts of so many people, Michael Bublé doesn’t believe he will perform it live.

“I had a vocal demo in a little house studio, and truth is I never sang it again, and to this day I’ve never sung it again,” Michael said.

 If we could feel such a depth of emotion while listening to the song, it must be deeper for the singer to perform the song he had written for his children, especially with what he went through with his son.

In 2016, Michael and his wife Luisana Lopilato told the fans that their son, Noah, who was three years old at the time, had cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy. Since then, Noah has been in recovery. The singer had taken an 18-month break from his music career to focus on his family during the diagnosis. 

He has three children today: Noah, who’s five, Elias, who’s three, and a baby girl named Vida Amber Betty.

Michael would rather not listen to “Forever Now” again because it affects him so deeply. They say that words that leave the heart enter the heart, and the song has entered the hearts of all who had listened to it. 

In an interview, he admitted, “That’s one of the songs on the record where I stepped away completely, and they did it all I had nothing to do with it. The truth is I didn’t really want to listen to it and now when I listen to the record I skip it. I am not ready to handle it again.” [1] 

His producers had exclaimed that it was the best song Bublé had ever written. 

“That’s too bad,” said the singer, “because I don’t want to do it.” 

Michael explained that he sang the demo and left the producers to do what they will with the rest of the track. He never sang it again. He couldn’t. The producers did a beautiful job on the song, as Michael and the rest of the world agrees. 

Open to Your Own Interpretation

“It’s bittersweet for me because I cannot listen to it,” Michael said. “Even recording it, I didn’t want it to be personal I wanted it to be… I wanted people to interpret it in its own way.” [2]

In a Track by Track interview, he explained how important personal interpretation is for his songs. He does not want to force the listener to hear what the experience of fatherhood is for him, he wanted to leave space for listeners to feel what being a parent means for them, to allow the song to become theirs. [3]

Everyone, not only parents, can relate to the theme of unconditional love, as the chorus goes: 

“And I’m always gonna lift you up

And I’m never gonna let you down

Time flies by

I hope you realize that I

Love you forever now” [4]

Bublé state that he had missed the connection of creating music for people to interpret and bring into their own lives.

“I’ve never written a more succinct song talking about what many of us feel we’re brought to this earth to do. It was about time and sentimentality.” [5]

After his hiatus, he is glad to be back doing what he loves, making great music, and touching the hearts of his listeners. And we are glad too. 

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