Can You Find The C In This Puzzle In Less Than 7 Seconds?


The task sounds simple enough; just find the C.

The creators of the challenge have claimed 99 per cent of adults who take the test will be unable to locate said C within seven seconds or less.

Are you ready to see if you’re part of the one per cent? Check out the test here:

If you’re struggling to find the C even after closely analysing the picture, you could commit to the lengthy process of carefully scanning each line before you find the winning letter.





But your best bet is to avoiding focusing on any particular area of the grid, as that can just slow you down if you’re looking at the wrong area.

It also helps to prepare yourself for what you’re looking for before you cast your eyes on the image – so picture that C in your mind’s eye before looking at all the Os!






If you still can’t find it, and the test is threatening to be the downfall of your weekend, allow me to point it out:


How Many 7s Are There In The Picture?

If you are proud on your precious eyes, take this test.

All you need to do is count and tell how many 7 do you see?

Carefully look at the image and then give your answer.

Scroll down for the answer.








You have tried already now see the answer and match the sharpness of your brain. The answer will be 7. There are seven ”7” in this puzzle picture. For being clear of your answer you keep your eyes on the picture.


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