Celebrating Valentine’s Day With Free Ethos Chocolate


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What would Valentine’s Day be without flowers and chocolate? Find out how you can surprise someone special with free Ethos Chocolate on Valentine’s Day.

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and there’s not much that goes better with this holiday than flowers and chocolate. I love getting flowers because they make the house look so nice but I REALLY like it when someone gives me chocolates! It’s my favorite treat and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone!

Free Ethos Chocolate 

Not only do I love getting chocolates, I love giving them too. When I heard that Ethos, created by A Fresh Look, was giving away chocolate for Valentine’s Day, I was all in! Ethos Chocolate is a whole lot better than a card, right? 

Valentine's Day chocolate

A Fresh Look is a non-profit cooperative funded by family farmers hoping to educate the public on GMO farming. These Ethos chocolates were inspired by GMO farming, which I really didn’t know much about until now.  

What Is GMO

So what is GMO farming? I wasn’t even sure until I started reading up on it. In a nutshell, GMO farming uses genetically modified (as the name suggests) seeds to grow crops in the most efficient and sustainable method possible. For example, if a crop is susceptible to a certain disease, such as oranges with the citrus greening disease, GMO farming can make that crop more resistant to the disease.

Ethos Chocolates in four flavors

That’s how Ethos Chocolate came about. They’re a product of GMO farming and created by A Fresh Look. They’re encouraging us to educate ourselves through chocolate. Hmm…that definitely does make learning fun! These chocolates are a limited-run special launched by Ethos and after one taste, you’ll know why we all need a little chocolate in our lives!

They also created four chocolate flavors to choose from, each with it’s own story to tell.

The Optimist

The Optimist bar is cacao, so it’s nothing but pure chocolate. With both fruity and earthy tastes, it’s pretty delish. I’m optimistic that I’ll be having more of it!

Ethos Chocolate Cacao

Due to climate change and disease, cacao trees are in danger  and the future of chocolate could be dicey without GMO farming. With GMO farming, the trees can be protected, so we don’t have to ever find out what would be like to live without chocolate! 

The Survivor

The Survivor bar is a combination of chocolate and papaya. I never would have thought to combine these two flavors but they taste great together.

Ethos Chocolate and Papaya

The Survivor Bar got it’s name because that’s just what the papaya fruit is. In the early 2000’s, Hawaii’s Rainbow papaya was nearly wiped out by a virus. Because of GMO farming, theses papayas were given a second chance and have been able to flourish.   

The Hero

The Hero bar is a classic, citrus infused combination of orange and chocolate. If you’ve never had orange and chocolate together, you should really give it a try.

Chocolate and Orange Ethos

It looks like even the orange is in danger. The entire Florida orange species is currently being threatened by citrus greening disease, or yellow dragon disease. Thanks to GMOs, farmers are close to saving oranges. Thank goodness for that…how can I make my mimosas if there’s no orange juice!

The Trendsetter

Rounding out the four is The Trendsetter, apple and chocolate mixed together to form one delicious flavor. 

Ethos Chocolate And Apple

 While apples are here to stay, GMOs help our apples hang around a bit longer. GMO farmers have been able to create more sustainable apples by slowing the browning process. This helps them stay fresh longer so we have less food waste. I hate throwing food away so this sounds pretty good to me.

I love that these four chocolates make up such a deliciously unique and tasty blend of flavors! Not only are they perfect for Valentine’s Day but they make a great snack when I’m working.  

Eating Ethos Chocolate

As A Fresh Look puts it, GMOs aren’t a thing. They’re a breeding method. It’s something we’ve been doing for thousands of years through selecting and cross-breeding crops. Fortunately, it’s become a very precise and effective method. It’s also becoming more and more important as the climate continues to warm and the world’s population continues to increase.

Ethos Chocolate Squares

The cacao trees that made this chocolate originate in the Dominican Republic, and are already benefiting from GMO farming. Even the beet sugar used to flavor the chocolate is GMO.

GMO farming isn’t just the future, it’s the past and the present. While we’ve only recently been hearing a lot about it, we’ve been eating food grown with GMO farming for the past 30 years.  

Ethos Chocolates make a great snack

Are GMO Foods Safe

GMO farming also fosters sustainability, a big buzz word in regards to world population and climate change. Here are a few facts provided by A Fresh Look:

  • Insecticide used on corn crops in the U.S. dropped 90 percent between 1995 and 2010, thanks to GMO farming.
  • The adoption of GMO farming has reduced chemical pesticide use by 37 percent, while still increasing crop yields by 22 percent.
  • GMO farming uses less water, which also results in less runoff pollution.
  • Less water use is critical in drought conditions, so even if the weather suffers, our crops won’t.

So if you’re wondering if GMOs are safe, the answer is yes. Claims that they cause cancer or allergies have been debunked. Nothing is chemically or inorganically altered and in the end, it’s still a seed…just a super-smart seed. 

Ethos Chocolate with flowers

So now that you know more about GMO farming, are you ready to send these Ethos Chocolates to a friend, family member or that special someone? Go to the Ethos Chocolate page to find out how you can send them free before 2/10/19 for delivery on Valentine’s Day.  

You can also learn more about A Fresh Look and GMO farming by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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