Chloe Has Down syndrome, Jason Is Autistic. They Are Happily Married and Madly In Love


she has down syndrome and he is autistic and they are a happily married couple

Could love be any truer than this? A soulmate is that person who completes you and makes you feel special, safe, and on top of the world in your own little bubble. They bring out the best in you, and with them, you can be your real self, proud of who you are and what you represent.

Chloe Bermudez and Jason Ivey are a lovely couple who can’t seem to get enough of each other. Chloe has Down syndrome while Jason has Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADD and he’s also bipolar. In an interview with a non-profit organization called Special Books by Special Kids, the couple tells the story of their love and engagement, their dreams and plans for the future [1]

“I have bipolar and I don’t get mad anymore because I work through that,” Jason says. “I really like my autism and ADD because it makes me who I am,” According to him, people with autism want to feel important and needed, and Chloe makes him feel that way all the time. 

“I thought she was like drop-dead gorgeous and I was like “Lord, I am way marrying out of my league and I’m thankful for that too,” a breathless Jason said about the day he proposed to Chloe.

Chloe gushes about her husband and her enchanting attraction to him. “I feel like I’m hit by a love bug or something. I feel like on top of the world. It’s like ‘wow’. It’s totally ‘wow’.”

Jason sometimes gets too excited and ahead of himself. Chloe says she knows how to get him to calm down and relax. She tells him to “Take a rest, close your eyes, listen to the sap music and just breathe in.” She’s the Yin to his Yang.

They describe their union as magical and peaceful

The couple has been together for almost four years and they continue to wax stronger every day. They may have their ups and downs, but they need each other to get through each day. Jason says he was so nervous the day he met Chloe. He had never met anyone so gorgeous and he had no idea how to talk to girls at that time.

“I was actually a little shy to ask her to be my girlfriend. I had to ask my best friend Josh to ask her for me because I was so nervous,” Jason said.

On 22nd September 2016, Jason proposed to the love of his life, and he didn’t do it in a small way. He had his friends bring her up to a rooftop where he sang her a love song he wrote for her, titled ‘Hugs and kisses’. Part of it reads, “Chloe I knew it from the start. You captured my heart and I knew you were the one for me because you have such a sweet personality.” 

Jason went all out to make Chloe’s dream of the perfect engagement come through. Her family was there and everyone took part in her joy. Chloe accepted his proposal and he took her around the city in an exciting helicopter ride. They tied the knot in April, 2017.

When asked one thing he would like to change about Chloe, Jason said. “Nothing. I love her just the way she is. Honest to God I do. But if I had to, I wouldn’t mind if she dyed her hair blonde. She’d look so cute.” 

How does their marriage work?

Chloe and Jason are all about companionship and friendship. They appear to draw strength from each other and that’s the most important thing they need to make their marriage work. Even though they live in their own house, they admit that they may not be fully independent and still need help with certain things like budgeting. However, on a scale of 1-10, they are an 8 or 9 and they’re getting there. Chloe says she’s a really good cook and can run her home on her own. 

“I can cook. I’m a married woman and I can cook,” she says. “I can make black beans and rice and salad. I can spaghetti and meatballs. I can make hamburgers or French fries, something like that.”

The couple wishes they had a child, but they know it’s not the right time and they just have to wait. They have a precious baby doll, Giselle, whom they care for like a real baby. 

“Sometimes I think in my mind, like, ‘I want a baby so bad.’ And then I listened to my heart and it said, ‘Well, Chloe, you gotta wait a little bit longer,” Chloe said.

According to Jason, Giselle represents what they want for the future. She gives them hope and they get to sing her lullabies at night, take care of her, and be her parents.

“She actually feels so warm with the weights. It feels real. It will give you such an amazing feeling like a real baby,” Jason says.

They hope to stay together forever

When asked where they would be when they are 60, they both echoed, “Probably still together.” They plan to just hold onto each other and see what the future has in store for them.

“I just love her leaning into me,” Jason says. “Just holding her. And like right now, every time it makes me calm. It just feels… You hear it? You hear that little buzz in the house? That’s the peace. This is the best part about marriage for me, just holding her. Not talking, just thinking and just listening.”

Chloe’s sister, Phoebe Meadows founded the Bloom Project, a non-profit organization that aims to “support those with learning differences by advocating for their lives, providing resources for them and their families, and celebrating the full and abundant lives they can lead.”

According to Phoebe, “I’ve seen individuals with special needs undervalued, excluded, and misunderstood. I founded The Bloom Project to shatter the glass ceiling of expected limitations, unlock the door of unexpected opportunities, and unleash unprecedented potential by spreading hope and empowering growth.”

Watch the couple’s full interview with SBSK below:

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