Do not breed hate

Manipulating a son
or daughter to make them
hate their father or mother
is one of the most despicable
things a human being can do.

Humans aren’t perfect and, at times, take that as an excuse to allow evil to coexist within them.
One of the most disturbing things to do is breeding hatred and conflict between people that are meant to be in harmony.
We often seem to undermine the value of Peace and tranquillity. You can never know the importance till it is threatened or there is a stirrup of issues.
The malicious nature of man will surely be his ends one day. At times people tend to derive joy in turning people against each other, mothers against daughters, sons against fathers.
In Nigeria today, we have allowed hatred to take over our actions. People often seem to kill each other without any remorse or fear of the unknown. Some call it end time signs; some said it all started from its leaders. I will say it all started with us as individuals.
Hate isn’t an action forced on someone. It is more of allowing yourself to be used by what you hear and see. The five organs of man can bring him both troubles and Peace.
The worst aspect of this hate is traced between people of the same blood, kin, and extended family members.
Hatred doesn’t just start in the family. Many, at times it is instigated by malicious people who can be termed to be jealous of the calm nature of the family. They don’t appear to be planters of hatred at first. They can be in the form of friends and partners.
Do not let some turn you into an object of hatred. Show Peace and spread love.

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