Dude Was Walking Around The City.

Dude is walking around the city. As he passes a particular corner, he notices a gentleman leaning against the building, snapping his fingers.

Curious, our hero approaches the snapping man, and asks

“Say, my man, why are you snapping your fingers?”

The gentleman just smiles and keeps snapping.

Not really bothered, he keeps walking. A few hours later, he passes by the same corner, and sees the same individual snapping his fingers at the same pace as before.

Once again, he approaches, and asks “Brother, why you snapping your fingers like that?”

The gentleman keeps smiling and snapping his fingers, but still says nothing.

Irritated, the walking man keeps walking. As evening falls, he passes the same corner and sees that the snapping man still hasn’t stopped.

He walks right up to him and demands: “Man, tell me why you snapping your fingers or I’m gonna let you have it!”

The snapping man finally speaks: “Why, I’m keeping the elephants away.”

“ELEPHANTS!? There ain’t no elephants two.. three thousand miles from here!”

“Doing pretty good, ain’t I?”

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