Easy Mummy Pumpkin For Halloween


This no carve mummy pumpkin is the perfect Halloween craft for all ages!

Mummy Pumpkin Pin

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If there’s one thing I love doing this time of year, it’s coming up with fun Halloween pumpkin ideas! I’ve made everything from a fancy golden snitch pumpkin to easy emoji pumpkins. One thing I try to do though is to keep it simple and I think my new mummy pumpkin may just be my easiest yet!

Mummy Pumpkin

 I always start with these traditional styrofoam orange pumpkins. The dollar stores always get a ton of them in September and I totally stock up. You really can’t beat a dollar for a craft pumpkin!

Orange styrofoam pumpkins

The pumpkins were easy but finding the right kind of gauze was a little trickier. I wanted the traditional thin gauze that almost looks like it’s falling apart but couldn’t find what I was looking for. I ended up narrowing it down to a self adhesive gauze and a plain, solid white gauze from Walmart.

After trying them both, the self adhesive gauze was by far the easiest. Like the name says, it stuck to itself as I wrapped so all I needed was a drop of glue at the end to keep it all together. It’s so easy that even the youngest kids can make one, as long as someone else helps with the glue gun.

Easy Mummy Pumpkin For All Ages

Easy Mummy Pumpkin For All Ages

Prep Time:
15 minutes
Active Time:
15 minutes
Total Time:
30 minutes
Estimated Cost:

What's more perfect for Halloween than a mummy pumpkin? This cute craft is easy to make and perfect for any age!


  1. Start with a styrofoam pumpkin. Though I’ve added Amazon links to make things easy, I bought my pumpkin at a dollar store for a fraction of the price.
  2. Paint your pumpkin white. You’ll need 2-3 coats of paint.
  3. Once final coat is dry, glue wiggly eyes to the pumpkin. Wiggly eyes for mummy pumpkin
  4. Finally, take one end of the adhesive gauze and start wrapping it around the pumpkin. You can secure it with a drop of hot glue if you’d like but it isn’t necessary. I just held it in place until I wrapped more gauze over it and it stayed in place.
  5. Wrap the entire pumpkin, just leaving room for the eyes to peek out. When your pumpkin is covered, cut the gauze and secure the end with a little bit of hot glue. That’s it…your mummy pumpkin is ready for Halloween.

This would make a great Halloween party activity too. If you’re expecting a crowd, just spray paint a bunch of pumpkins ahead of time to avoid the mess. Then everyone can just have fun wrapping (and your house won’t be covered in paint). 

Mummy pumpkin with purple pumpkins

Ours wasn’t for a party though…we just wanted some cute Halloween decor. I was also excited to be invited to share this mummy pumpkin and the rest of my pumpkin ideas on Sarasota’s Suncoast View. Suncoast View Pumpkin Segment

I love no carve pumpkins because of the mess free factor but if you’re a fan of carving, you’ll definitely want to check out these cool pumpkin carvings

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