First-time mom faints after giving birth to baby that “has two heads”


The way I see it, any baby born is a blessing unto the world. I know I’m not alone in this sentiment, but it’s one I thought I’d share within the context of this story.

Two new parents have spoken of their shock after they welcomed a set of conjoined twins into the world.

Mom Babita Ahirwar, 21, and husband Jaswant Singh Ahirwar, 25, had been told to expect twins – the couple’s first children – and so were naturally excited.

They were in for a surprise, however, when their twins turned out to be two heads sharing the same body.

“My wife fainted after she saw the baby. We are shocked,” Jaswant said. “It is unbelievable. Everyone is shocked to see them. We cannot believe our child has two heads.

“We were told after ultrasound that we are going to have twins. We were very happy to have two kids but it is one baby with two heads.”

As per reports, the twins are being monitored around the clock. They currently have two separate heads but the same internal organs, and are soon to be sent to an advanced hospital for further treatment.

Dr Surendra Sonkar, child specialist at the district hospital, said: “They are a case of conjoined twins. We are taking care of [the babies] and will take the opinion of expert doctors in Bhopal and Delhi, who had earlier done the operation of such kids.”

Jaswant says he remains intent on raising the child(ren) as he/they are. “This is my baby and I will raise him as he is. I am yet to hold him in my hands. People are saying many things but he is my baby and I will take him home.

“I do not have money for operation and if the government help me, I will get him to better hospitals. As long as he is alive, I will love him and take care of him.”

We can only hope that these twins get all the medical attention and love and care they deserve.

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