Frankenstein Pumpkin For Halloween


Making a Frankenstein pumpkin may sound scary but this easy Halloween craft is way more fun than frightening! 

Frankenstein Pumpkin Pin 1

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We are big fans of no-carve pumpkins in my house. It’s not as dangerous, less messy and definitely a whole lot easier…which also means more kid-friendly.

Frankenstein Pumpkin

I’d already come up with about a gazillion no-carve Halloween pumpkin ideas but somehow had never made a Frankenstein pumpkin. Then inspiration hit me in a dollar store. As I wandered through the Halloween aisle, I stumbled across this Frankenstein card.

Frankenstein card

I was still looking for more ideas for my next Suncoast View appearance and as soon as I saw this card, I immediately had my next idea. Once I grabbed an extra pumpkin, I couldn’t wait to get home and start another Halloween craft!

Frankenstein Pumpkin

Frankenstein Pumpkin

Prep Time:
15 minutes
Active Time:
25 minutes
Total Time:
40 minutes

This Frankenstein pumpkin is the perfect no carve Halloween pumpkin craft for kids. It's easy, mess-free and way more fun than frightening!


  1. Paint your pumpkin green. You may need two coats. Styrofoam Pumpkins
  2. Draw hair on with a pencil or sharpie. I like to have an outline so that it’s easier to paint. Frankenstein pumpkin hair outline
  3. Paint the hair with black acrylic paint.
  4. Use white, green and black craft foam to cut pieces for the eyes.
  5. Assemble the eyes and glue with hot glue. Assembled eyes for Frankenstein
  6. Hot glue eyes to the front of the pumpkin, then use black craft foam to cut a mouth. I went a little rogue and made mine different from the card. There’s no right or wrong way so make it the way you like. Also, don’t worry about the hot glue strings. You can take all those off at the end. Frankenstein mouth
  7. Use white craft foam to make teeth and glue them around the mouth. Adding teeth to pumpkin
  8. Finally, take a permanent marker and make stitches around the eyes and mouth.
  9. Now just add your Frankenstein pumpkin to you Halloween display and enjoy! Frankenstein pumpkin with Halloween sign


Estimated cost is based on what you’d pay at a dollar store. Buying on Amazon will cost more but you do get the trade-off of having the supplies delivered straight to your door.

Do you think it turned out like the card? It looks pretty close to me!

Frankenstein pumpkin with matching card

Add a few decorative pumpkins and you’ve got some fun Halloween decor!

Frankenstein pumpkin with Halloween sign

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Frankenstein Pumpkin

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