Here Are the Fruits that can Assist You in Your Weight Losing Journey

You might have a question that can fruits which are already full of sugar really lose weight? Yes, they can. What are the fruits which can help lose weight? Technically, all fruits.

Okay, that’s an exaggeration but it is quite near to reality. Fruits are notorious for their weight gaining effects but the reality is that fruits are the potential source of fibers, minerals, nutrients and healthy carbohydrates. And if you wonder about the calories they contain remember that eating too much of anything can lead to weight gain which is same with the fruits. If you take much of the high calorie and sugar-containing fruits such as mangoes or banana, you are definitely going to get chubby. But if you watch which and how much of a fruit you are eating, the weight losing results can be astonishing. Here are some influential, debatable and highly recommended fruits that you just need to explore for their benefits of weight loss.


Amazingly, watermelons are 90% water with a lot of important nutrients and only 30 calories. Being rich in arginine, an amino acid that helps the body burn more fats, watermelon is a great source appetite satisfaction. Watermelon keeps you hydrated and full for longer and keeps you away from untimely food cravings.


A lot of votes went to the grapefruit for a potential appetite suppressor and fats burner. Eating grapefruit or taking the juice keeps the metabolism on the peak and balance the blood sugar level that if goes out of control causes a lot of fats storage and other chronic disturbances. Furthermore, grapefruit also suppresses the appetite as its digestion takes more time and energy and that mighty energy comes from burning the accumulated calories that lead to victory in weight losing journey.


Some nutritionists pay a lot of attention to the elements found in the avocado and consider it a great helper in weight losing journey. However, they suggest being careful about how much of avocado one is eating. Actually, avocado is a source of healthy fats which are good for the weight losing journey and overall well-being. And luckily, avocado contains only 30 grams of these healthy fats. It enhances the body’s metabolism and improves the production of testosterone that implicitly helps the weight loss in both genders.


A cup of strawberries contain only 7 gram of sugar and 50 calories and they are rich in many nutrients and minerals that not only makes your digestion smooth but also helps you eat fewer calories and lose more of them. All of the berries including blueberries, blackberries etc. are considered among the low sugar and high fiber-containing fruits that can help you feel fuller.


Raw organic apples are best for all the tasks they are intended to perform. If you are going for workout eating an organic apple containing 100 calories is the best option for you if you make it sure that you are going to burn more calories than you consume.

Remember that eating too much of anything can never help you get slimmer.

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