Fun DIY Gift: Reindeer Mason Jar


This cute Reindeer Mason Jar makes the perfect DIY gift for the holidays. Fill it with treats, attach a gift card and gift it to someone special!

Reindeer Mason Jar - This cute DIY gift is a Christmas gift that's as much fun to make as it is to give. If you like mason jar crafts, you'll love giving this one! #masonjar #masonjarcraft #diycraft #diygift #gifts

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Looking for the perfect DIY gift for the holidays? I’m loving this easy reindeer mason jar. When I was invited on Suncoast View to share fun mason jar crafts for National Mason Jar Day (yes, that really is a thing), the first ideas that came to mind were Christmas mason jars. I started with a snowman mason jar and then came up with the idea for this one.

It turned out to be super easy…a little paint, some craft foam and hot glue and my mason jar craft was complete!

Want to make one of your own? Here’s what you’ll need:

Reindeer Mason Jar

The first thing you’ll need to do is paint the lid brown, then set aside. You may need a couple coats of paint. Then you start the eyes. It drives me nuts when things don’t match up so I made a template to be sure my eyes were the same size. Just find something oval (or round) and trace it on paper. I used the inside of my scissors.

You can trace eyes if you're worried about making them match

Cut out the ovals/circles to make your template.

Use your template to paint reindeer eyes that match

Paint eyes on the mason jar with white acrylic paint.

Let the white paint dry

Next, take a black permanent marker. outline the eyes and color in the eyeballs. You can also use black paint but Sharpies are a lot easier.

Once white paint is dry, use a black marker to finish the reindeer eyes

Paint a red circle for the nose. I did this freehand since it was just one circle and didn’t have to match up to anything.

Use red paint for your reindeer nose

Next, use brown craft foam to make antlers. I started by making a template on paper first. I cut it out and then traced it onto the foam (yes, the matching thing again…it’s hard being a Virgo!)

You can't have a reindeer mason jar without antlers

Use the hot glue gun to glue the bottom part of the antlers to the mason jar lid. You’ll want to glue them face down because you’ll be propping them up soon.

IMPORTANT: Learn from my mistakes (I make plenty!). Put the lid on the jar BEFORE gluing the antlers on. I did it with the lid off the first time (see picture) and when I screwed it on, the antlers were facing sideways. I had to pull them off and start over.

Glue antlers to the mason jar lid

Fold the antlers up and use hot glue to prop them up with chenille. I used about two inches of chenille then doubled it over and glued it to the antlers.

Secure antlers to your reindeer mason jar with chenille and hot glue

Attach the lid to the jar and you’ve got a reindeer.

This mason jar craft makes an adorable DIY gift

Fill Your DIY Gift With Treats

Now fill it with sweet treats like this yummy Holiday Party Mix. with Snickers.

Fill your Christmas mason jar with yummy treats

This reindeer mason jar makes a perfect DIY gift! Fill it with treats and add a gift card and you’ve got the perfect gift for teachers, neighbors and anybody else that deserves a little holiday love!

Who wouldn't love getting this homemade gift for Christmas!

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