Giving your kids experiences instead of toys boots their happiness and intelligent


If your children are given too many toys to play with they can become less happy and joyful. If you given them all the things they want can result in opposite effect.

Clair Lerner, a childhood researcher explains that children start to play less when they are given more than enough. As they learn many things from toys and games an abundance of them may distract them and make them overwhelmed.

These discovery were confirm by the professor of Early Childhood Education at the University of Cincinnati, Michael Malone. According to Malone, to many toys cause a type of unproductive overload while fewer toys increased sharing and corporation when it come to life skill.

The study give us valuable lesson showing that there is no point in buying children too many toys. What’s essential we should try to spend more time with them, because this is far more valuable.

Some other studies point out that when the parents give experiences to their children instead of material objects that is the moment when generosity and gratitude are rising.

If you spend time with them, you can teach them what is god, what is bad, mother can tell them how to treat with women and elderly, father can teach them how to help other people. When they grow up, they will become a good person.

You give them chance to meet other people they will learn how to behave skillfully, how to solve their problem by themselves quickly. It’s a good change for them to practice all they have learned.

One advice I want to give to all the parents out there: make memories with your children and bring them joy and happiness.

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