Harry Potter Gift Bags With Chocolate Frogs And Other Treats


Having a Harry Potter party? Don’t give out the usual trinkets. Make it even more fun with these tasty Harry Potter gift bags!
Harry Potter Gift Bags - Throwing a Harry Potter party? These Harry Potter goodie bags filled with chocolate frogs, edible wands, Bertie Botts jellybeans and more will be the hit of your Harry Potter birthday party! #harrypotter #harrypottergiftbags #harrypotterparty #harrypotterbirthday #harrypottergoodiebags #harrypotterfood

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I love throwing kid’s birthday parties! It all started the year we had a Disney princess party, complete with a cool castle cake. We’ve also had a Moana party and celebrated with other princesses too. Though I still have plenty more Disney princess ideas swirling around my head, my girls are getting a little older and finding new favorites.

Since my oldest has loved Harry Potter for awhile, she decided that this year she wanted a Harry Potter party. I got right to work with Harry Potter invitations, a Harry Potter cake and more.

I’d also need Harry Potter gift bags. Gift bags have always been tricky though. I used to fill them with trinkets like bouncy balls and tiny bottles of bubbles that no kid ever actually uses.

A few years ago, I finally came up with a better idea. I started filling our bags with edible treats and they were a big hit. Now that’s my go-to for any gift bag! The kids love them and moms aren’t stepping on bouncy balls as they walk through the house.

Harry Potter Gift Bags

Of course, if we’re making edible Harry Potter gift bags, we’d need chocolate frogs! If you don’t know how to make chocolate frogs, you’ll love just how easy it is. All you need is a frog shaped candy mold and a bag or two of chocolate chips.

I found this mold for less than $5 on Amazon. I melted the chocolate, poured it in the mold, then stuck it in the refrigerator to harden. You’ll probably have to make a few batches though, since the candy mold only makes eight.

Mold to make chocolate frogs

I also used an owl shaped cookie cutter to make white chocolate owls. All you need to do is melt white chocolate and spread it out over wax paper. When it starts to get firm (but not too firm to break apart), use the cookie cutter to make owl shapes. I just kept the shapes as is but you could also add candy eyes, attaching them with a little melted chocolate.

Of course, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans were easy. I just used regular jelly beans but if you want to get fancy, you can use these fun official looking Bertie Bott’s boxes of jelly beans. Magic wands were created by dipping pretzel sticks in milk chocolate, then drizzling them with dark chocolate and refrigerating.

We still needed something to put it all in. I bought cheap party bags at the store and printed my own Hogwarts stickers on these blank labels. Feel free to use this free printable if you want to make your own too.

Hogwarts Stickers

Once you’ve got the stickers, just add them to the front of your bags.

Harry Potter goodie bags with stickers

You can also order cute printed bags from Amazon. Once you’ve got your bags, you’re ready to fill them (or keep reading for an even better idea)

Treats for Harry Potter gift bags

DIY Harry Potter Gift Bags

Because I never know how many bags to make (people show up that didn’t RSVP, parents bring siblings along, etc), I came up with an idea that I loved so much, I’m going to do it every time!

I decided that the kids could make their own Harry Potter goodie bags. It would be fun for them, plus save me a ton of work! I started by printing a Make Your Own Goodie Bag sign for the table:

Harry Potter Goodie Bag signIf you print it on stock paper and fold the top down, you can stand it at the front of the table. Then I found mini-chalkboards similar to these chalkboard sign place cards, and labeled each of the treats. I put all the treats on a platter and set it out with the sign.

When the party was wrapping up, each kid grabbed a bag and started filling it up. They had SO much fun and liked it a lot better than just being handed a bag on the way out. Plus, I didn’t have to fill bags and try to play guessing games as to how many I needed. This is the way party gift bags should be done!

Harry Potter gift bags

I like the edible stuff but if you want to add more fun stuff to your Harry Potter gift bags, you might like these ideas:

Check out my other posts for more fun Harry Potter party ideas:

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