Heartbreaking moment a toddler helps bury his father and shouts ‘daddy’ after losing him to knife crime


Violent crime is a staple of our news and one that can make us all feel sad and fearful of the world.

In the U.K. knife crime has been described as an “epidemic” with the number of people killed in stabbings rising every year. The media is constantly full of depressing statistics and news of such horrific incidents.

But what we rarely see is the wider consequences of these senseless crimes, which is why a recent image released by the family of a man killed in a knife attack, went viral.

It’s a heartbreaking image of a 17-month-old boy helping to bury his father and throwing dirt on his coffin.

Knifed to death

Lewis Bagshaw, 21, was stabbed in Sheffield, England, in July.

Now an image of Lewis’ son Carter wearing a t-shirt with a picture of his dad on and throwing soil onto his grave, has been released in an attempt to stop knife crime.

His mom, Olivia Keeley, told The Sun, she hoped the image “stops just one person from picking up a knife or a gun”.

His friend Jordan Kissack said video of clips honoring Lewis was played at his funeral and at one point his baby son shouted “Daddy.”

“The photograph breaks my heart but is shows the reality of knife crime,” he told The Sun.

“From the moment Carter was born, Lewis was completely besotted and devoted to him. He was a devoted family man.”

Such a senseless loss of life and so sad for the family he left behind.

Let’s honor the memory of those who have died in violent crimes. All our thoughts go to the children who have lost a parent.


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