Here Is The Best Detox Bath To Cleanse Your Body


A detox bath is an ancient remedy and anyone can use its benefits. This type of detoxification eliminates the toxins through sweating. Detox baths allow the skin to absorb minerals and nutrients from the water.

Follow these instructions and enjoy!

1) Prepare a day when you are free for at least 40 minutes for the bath. In the first 20 minutes the body releases toxins, and after that, the skin absorbs minerals from the water.

2) Fill the tub with warm water and use chlorine filter if you have one.

3) Add Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) to your water. In this way, you will raise the level of magnesium in the water. Sulphate washes toxins and helps in the creation of protein in the brain tissue and joints.

— For children up to 60 pounds, add half a cup.

— For children from 60 to 100 pounds add one cup.

— For those weighing more than 100 pounds add two cups of magnesium sulfate.

4) Add one or two cups of baking soda. Baking soda is known for its ability to detoxification, and it will also act against fungal diseases. In addition to this, it makes the skin soft.

5) Add minced ginger or ginger tea. When it comes to ginger, you do not have to add it to the bath, but it raises the body temperature, which will help you eliminate more toxins through your sweat. Since ginger warms up, your skin may turn red for a few minutes, so be careful with the amount you add to the water. Do not add more than a third of a cup.

6) Add essential oils. You do not have to, but most people like the smell of these oils, and many prefer enjoying their therapeutic effect. There are different scents which can relax you (such as lavender oil), as well as oils that will help in the detoxification process (eucalyptus oil).

Usually, it is enough to add 20 drops of oil. You can also use some fresh herbs: mint (warming effect), lavender flowers (calming effect), chamomile (soothing effect) or whatever you find preferable.

7) Go with your hand through the water, and then get in. It is nice if you can stay in for 40 minutes, but try to stay for at least 20 (the longer, the better). You should start sweating after a few minutes. If you are too hot, feel free to add some cold water.

8) After you are done, drink a lot of water. Every time you have detox bath, you need to eliminate the toxins from the body, and water is perfect for that purpose. 


— This bath is not recommended for pregnant women, and people with heart problems, kidney disease or anything similar.

— Before you add the herbs to your bath, read more about their effects. Some herbs can be poisonous.

— Do not add hydrogen peroxide to the bath. It may have a corrosive effect on your skin.



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