A Homemade Cream That Can Convert Saggy Skin Into A Smooth Skin

When it comes to loose or wrinkled skins, we often relate it to the symptom of age. Do you also think so? Yes, it is true that our skin becomes saggy due to age but you know what? We don’t think you’re that old. In fact, what remains young forever is our heart. Isn’ it true? 🙂 However, there can be multiple causes for saggy skin like exposure to UV, smoking, repeated facial expressions, improper diet, hormonal changes and sometimes even bad cosmetics. In the market, there are tons of expensive techniques, products or treatments that can help you to attain a smooth skin. But does their treatment worth it? Well, you will know about that after having a try at our free remedy.



We got the wisdom of old grandma’s homemade cream. We can assure you that this cream will be side-effect free as it is going to be made by natural products. These natural products can bring your dead skin to life again. In addition to this, the ingredients of this cream will also help you to get:

  •  Better blood flow,
  •  Minimized pores 
  •  Reduced stretch marks
  •  Reduced Wrinkles
  •  Less Dark Spots
  •  Reduced Blemishes
  •  And the most amazing benefit is the availability of this natural product at every store.

Before getting into the recipe, I want to hit you up with a truth that may keep your skin more healthy. Be sure to prevent the wrinkling of skin because prevention is what needed in the first place. We recommend you to:

  • Drink Enough Water
  • Avoid Sugar
  • Eat Foods That Stimulate Collagen Such as Chillies, Bell Peppers, and Berries

Now let’s talk about what is required to make this outstanding cream:

  1. A Tea Bag of Black Tea
  2. Half Bowl of White Clay
  3. 50 Grams of olive oil. Extra-Virgin will be best.
  4. 40 Grams Coffee Grounds
  5. And 10 Drops of Hazelnut Extract

This is it. Now what you need to do is to put that utensil on the heat with some water. Place a tea bag once the water gets boiled. Okay, it’s time to add the white clay into it and wait for the dissolvement process to happen. Finally, add other remaining ingredients to make a thick paste out of it. But remember! This cream should be stored in a cool position.



How To Apply

You can simply apply this cream to any place of your body. But you should be aware of the right technique to apply this. Yes, that technique is circularity. Apply cream on your face in a circular motion in an upward direction without pressurizing. This will help your skin to have better blood flow and keep your skin soft as sometimes we tend to pressurize our skins while applying creams.  Now leave your skin for at least 20 minutes. After that, rinse it with warm water.


At last, we want to let you know that we can never get smooth skin unless we do care about it from the “Inside” and “Outside” both. Have a better diet while applying this cream for drastic changes. Now go ahead and share this with your loved ones.

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