How do you perceive this man? The answer tells you something important about your personality


The people that create these tricky images have the unusual ability to deceive the eye in fascinating ways.

Depending on who we are, our eyes get fixed on different details within the same image. This gives an entirely different perspective for each person who looks at a photo, drawing, or picture.

In recent times, these optical illusions have become popular as personality tests. Of course, you should always take them with a pinch of salt, but they are still fun and often get things scarily right.

An illusion’s very basic idea is to expose how people usually look at things with an innate bias. With that in consideration, researchers can point out individual traits of their personality.

How do you perceive the man in the picture?

This optical illusion shows a man – the question, however, is: Which way is he facing towards?

Below, you’ll find the picture. Is the man facing sideways or to the front?

If you think the man is facing ahead

If you perceive the man as looking ahead, it indicates that you like to look people in the eyes. You are straightforward, honest, and direct when you communicate. You have an open mind and love to meet new people.

However, you can sometimes be a little quick to judge others as you are reluctant to invest time in things you consider “unnecessary.” Nevertheless, you have a very positive view of people and life in general.

If you think the man is sideways

If you perceive the man as looking sideways: it indicates that your brain is primarily focusing on the mouth and nose, which is a sign of shyness. You have plenty of self-confidence but like to stay out of the spotlight at parties and events.

Meeting new people is not your favorite pastime. You would rather have a few very close friends than a lot of superficial ones.

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