How To Get Rid Of Bugs The Family Friendly Way


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Wondering how to get rid of bugs around your house while still keeping it safe for kids and pets? Find out why we use Maggie’s Farm products to keep bugs away for good.

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We’re pretty happy with Florida living! We’ve got the sunshine, the beaches, the theme parks and more. Of course, nothing’s perfect and we’ve found that we’re not the only ones who love living here. Apparently, bugs love it too. 

How To Get Rid Of Bugs

The problem is that my girls and I get a little (okay, way more than a little) freaked out when insects invade our personal space. That’s why I rely on Maggie’s Farm to save the day. Their pest control products are a bug’s worst enemy…and our best friend! Since they have solutions for all kinds of bug issues, I stock up when I’m at Walmart.  

Shopping for Maggie's Farm pest control products at Walmart

I had a couple specific pests in mind this time…mosquitoes and ants. The mosquito products were easy to find next to the grilling section and ant products were just one aisle over with pest control products. I figured I might as well get both while I was there!

Maggie’s Farm Insect Repellent

Our biggest problem is usually mosquitoes. They can be really bad sometimes, especially late afternoon, and my seven year old Keira is their favorite food. We tell her it’s because she’s sweet but that doesn’t make her feel any better when she’s covered in bug bites. She might have fun racing her sister but racing mosquitoes is a whole different story.

Racing through the woods

We’ve found that one of the best ways to fight back against the mosquitoes is with Maggie’s Farm Simply Effective Natural Insect Repellent. Not all insect repellents are created equal and this is one that I can feel good about using.

Spraying Keira with Maggie's Farm insect repellent

Not only is it DEET free, it’s plant based and made with natural plant oils. Because it contains naturally derived ingredients, it’s safe to use around both children and pets. Plus, we like the scent a lot better than other sprays we’ve used…definitely a bonus! It’s a must have when we’re planning to spend time outside, whether it’s riding bikes around the lake or playing on the playground.

Kids on playground

Maggie’s Farm Mosquito Fogger

Since our new house is on a small lake, the mosquitoes start showing up in our backyard just before dusk. This can be annoying when we’re cooking out or playing in the backyard so we’ve also started using Maggie’s Farm Mosquito Fogger to keep things under control.

Using Maggie's Farm Mosquito Fogger at dusk

The mosquito fogger is perfect for around decks and patios, playsets or any other outside area where mosquitoes like to hang out. When we’re having a get-together, we also use it in front of our house to make sure guests don’t get bitten walking to the front door.

Using Maggie's Farms to get rid of mosquitoes

Maggie’s Farm Mosquito Fogger gives you up to seven days repellent zone protection. It’s also DEET-free and made with natural ingredients, so it’s safe for the family too. When my sister visits with her dog, I don’t have to worry about the girls playing with him in the yard because I used a fogger that’s green and environmentally friendly. 

Keira and Hamlet

Maggie’s Farm No Spill Ant Kill

Another pest we sometimes run across are sugar ants. They seem to be everywhere in Florida and I don’t know anyone who hasn’t had problems with them at one point or another. I was always a little worried about using ant killer in the house though, since our cats get into everything. The more I try to keep them away from something, the more they want to check it out. Think I’m kidding? I found this when I was unpacking a box last week…

Cat hiding in box

Finding a product like Maggie’s Farm No Spill Ant Kill was a big relief. It may kill the ants but it won’t hurt our curious cats.

Maggie's Farm No Spill Ant Kill

What I like about these stations is that they can be used inside or outside (or both). If you know where the ants are coming in, just put the station where they’re coming in from outside. Otherwise, place a station inside near the ant trail and let them have at it. Worker ants take the bait back to the nest to share with the rest of the colony. That way it not only kills ants that we see, it takes care of those we can’t see too.  

Maggie's Farm bug control products

Though I love the fact that Maggie’s Farm products are made with natural ingredients, that doesn’t do any good if they don’t work, right? Well, the people behind Maggie’s Farm are pest control professionals who know a little something about how to get rid of bugs! Everything is lab tested so that the products that work the way we want them too. It’s great to find a pest control product that’s both environmentally friendly AND effective! 

More Maggie’s Farm Products

Have problems other than mosquitoes and ants? Maggie’s Farm can also help you get rid of bed bugs, roaches, flying insects, ticks, yard bugs, fruit flies and more. If you like gardening, they even have a garden spray. However, with my black thumb I’m a much bigger danger to the flowers than the bugs are!   

What bug problems are you facing? Maggie’s Farm products probably have a product that can help! 

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