How To Help Prevent Summer Learning Loss


I’m excited to be partnering with Carson Dellosa to share their Summer Bridge Activities. All opinions are 100% my own.

Summer is for fun but summer learning loss can be a real problem. Find out how you can help avoid it this summer with just 15 minutes a day.

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As a former teacher, I am all too familiar with summer learning loss. It’s something that teachers face at the beginning of every school year. Many times the entire first month of school is spent catching up on skills that kids have forgotten over the summer.

That’s why I always recommended Summer Bridge Activities at the end of each school year. It wasn’t just me…these educational workbooks are recommended by teachers everywhere. In fact, the K-1 SBA title was ranked #1 on the WSJ Best-Seller List for nonfiction combined books. That’s a pretty big deal!

I even featured them on my most recent Suncoast View appearance…

Summer Bridge Activities on Suncoast View


Why are these Summer Bridge Activities so popular? Because by setting aside just 15 minutes a day, parents can use them them to help curb summer learning loss and prepare their child for the upcoming school year.  

What Is Summer Learning Loss

Summer learning loss is exactly what it sounds like. Research has shown that if children don’t review or practice the skills they learned during the previous school year, they can lose up to two months of learning.  Teachers often spend as much as much as four weeks at the start of  the school year reviewing skills that students forgot over the summer. 

This is especially true with spelling and math and because it’s cumulative, it becomes more of an issue as kids get older. By the time a child reaches 6th grade, they could possibly be two years behind in reading and by 9th grade, up to 2/3 of their achievement gap could be attributed to summer learning loss.

Summer Learning Loss Statistics

This infographic breaks it all down, showing just how much it effects our kids.

Infographic Courtesy Of Carson Dellosa

How To Help Prevent Summer Learning Loss

It’s not a lost cause though. Carson Dellosa, formed by two teachers over 40 years ago, makes a variety of educational products for both school and home use. Teachers have been using them for years but now parents are discovering how great they can be too.

Made for parents to use with their children at home, Summer Bridge Activities were created for the sole purpose of keeping children on track academically over the summer. By using these workbooks for 15 minutes a day, children can retain what they’ve learned so that they don’t have to relearn all over again when the new school year begins. 


Summer Bridge Activities

I’m all about summer being for fun, play and family vacations. The great thing about Summer Bridge Activities is that they just take 15 minutes a day. That’s nothing! Do it after dinner and tell the kids you’re letting them stay up 15 minutes late to do the activities. That always works for my girls…they’ll do anything to stay up later!

Summer Bridge Activities cover Pre-K through 8th grade and are aligned with the current state standards. Each one reviews math, language arts, science and social studies skills, while also slowly introducing skills they’ll be learning in the upcoming year. 

Workbook pages in Summer Bridge Activities

You can see exactly what skills your child is working on at the top of each page.

Subjects in Summer Bridge Activities

Flash cards are included and the workbooks for younger kids come with stickers too. There’s even a certificate for children who complete all the lessons.

Summer Bridge Certificate

Besides working on academic skills, Summer Bridge activities feature physical fitness, character building and encourages children to set goals for themselves. Some lessons encourage outside learning too, such as studying insects and recording observations or going on a percentage picnic (my favorite).  

Where to buy Summer Bridge Activities

The entire collection of Summer Bridge Activities can be found on Amazon. Just select the workbook that correlates with your child’s grade level. You can even choose the Essentials Backback, which includes workbook, 4 reading books, flash cards and a drawstring bag to hold it all.

Summer Bridge Activities Grades Pre-K – Kindergarten / Essentials Backpack

Summer Bridge Activities Grades K-1 / Essentials Backpack

Summer Bridge Activities Grades 1-2/ Essentials Backpack

Summer Bridge Activities Grades 2-3 / Essentials Backpack

Summer Bridge Activities Grades 3-4 / Essentials Backpack

Summer Bridge Activities Grades 4-5 / Essentials Backpack

Summer Bridge Activities Grades 5-6 / Essentials Backpack

Summer Bridge Activities Grades 6-7 /  

Summer Bridge Activities Grades 7-8

Spectrum Math

Because math is one of the areas where students experience the highest learning loss, Carson Dellosa’s Spectrum Math activities are another great way to curb learning loss.  You can choose to work through the entire workbook over the course of the summer or just cover the subjects that your child needs most. With one for every grade through 8th, these activities are based on the current state standards.  

Spectrum Math:  Kindergarten | 1st grade | 2nd grade | 3rd grade | 4th grade | 5th grade | 6th grade | 7th grade | 8th grade

More Learning Games & Activities 

If you want more ideas for preventing summer learning loss, Carson Dellosa has plenty of fun games and activities for kids. What’s better than keeping the kids entertained and learning at the same time?!  

Ladybug letters

Ladybug Letters(ages 4+) – These ladybug letters come with three fun puzzle games to help little ones learn their letters.

Early Learning Language Library (Pre-K – Kindergarten) – Use this early learning language library to help your child build vocabulary and expressive language skills.

Earling learning flash cards

Early Learning Flash Cards (Pre-K – 3rd grade) – These early learning flash cards focus on reading and math readiness for students and even include parent resource cards with ideas for games and activities.

Beginning Math Roll & Learn (ages 5+) – This pocket cube game covers shapes, matching numerals, addition, subtraction multiplication and more.

Sight Word Bingo Game

Sight Word Bingo (ages 5+) – My Kindergarteners always loved this game and while it’s a staple in the classroom, it’s also a great way to practice sight words at home too.

Addition & Subtraction Bingo Cards (ages 7+) – Here’s another fun bingo game, this one reviewing addition and subtraction skills.

Stem Challenges (grades 2-5) – Though made for the classroom, these STEM challenges are a great way to keep kids involved in STEM learning over the summer too. 

U.S. States and Capitals Game

U.S. States & Capitals (ages 8+) – For older kids, this is a great way to practice those U.S. States & Capitals  

You can’t go wrong with any of these but Summer Bridge Activities should be a go-to for any parent wanting to help their child avoid summer learning loss. Fifteen minutes a day can make a world of difference.

To learn more about Carson Dellosa and the products they offer, follow them on social media: Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

If you’re one of my Sarasota friends, be sure check out Suncoast View on June 14th where I’ll be sharing more about Carson Dellosa’s Summer Bridge Activities (9am on ABC7).

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