How to know if he is ‘the’ man who deserves your 100 percent time and energy.

Women tend to invest a lot emotionally and practically in a relationship with men aiming to find the ‘right’ guy. Their time and energy is drifted in meeting the best guy who meets all their wish-list checks.

But they don’t really think if all the men they date are actually worth that kind of time and energy.

When people start liking someone, it’s natural to be gaga over the newfound infatuation but putting in some thought on who deserves your effort and who doesn’t will only shorten your journey.

Ladies, these are the clear signs to note in a guy in order to know if he is ‘the’ man who deserves your 100 percent time and energy.

– He looks at you like you are the most amazing person he has ever known.

– He is a gentle person who communicates with everyone in a kind manner.

– He expresses in little ways that you make him feel happy.

– He tries to tell you that you deserve the best and he is ready to give it all to you.

– He respects all women. This is important!

– He makes you feel special. you will feel far special than other women in his life.

– He believes in equality and practices it as well and is not using the mere words to woo you.

– He is a great listener and remembers little details of your conversation with him. Note, he is paying attention.

-He doesn’t hesitate in showing affection and admiration towards you.

– He knows how to tell that he likes you and openly expresses his interest in you.

– He makes time for you just like you do and even takes efforts at knowing you better each day.

– He supports you with everything you do and encourages you to do better for yourself.

– He makes other people clear that he belongs to you and proudly goes public with your relationship.

– He showers you with compliments and makes the dates feel romantic. The way YOU like it.

– He takes care of the little details that you like and time and again uses those in some way or the other to express his feelings.

– He loves spending time with you as much as you do and doesn’t cancel on any plans that you make.

– He invites you to hang out with his friends to let you know the kind of people he is surrounded by.

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