How To Make A No Carve Bumblebee Pumpkin


Halloween pumpkins don’t have to be scary. This kids will love making this super cute bumblebee pumpkin for Halloween!

Bumblebee pumpkin Pinterest 1a

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We’re a big fan of no carve pumpkins in my house! We’ve made everything from unicorn pumpkins to Frankenstein pumpkins and we’re not slowing down now!

 No Carve Bumblebee Pumpkin

This year we made a cute butterfly pumpkin after I was inspired by butterfly wings that I found at a dollar store. It turned out so cute that when I saw bumblebee wings the next time, I picked up a pair of those too. I thought our butterfly might to have a bumblebee pumpkin to keep her company! I grabbed a few more styrofoam pumpkins while I was there too.

Orange styrofoam pumpkins


You don’t need a lot of supplies or crafting skills to make this and it’s a fun way to get the kids excited about Halloween. Ready to get started? 

Bumblebee Pumpkin

Bumblebee Pumpkin

Prep Time:
15 minutes
Active Time:
20 minutes
Total Time:
35 minutes


  1. Paint your pumpkin yellow (it may need two coats) Yellow painted pumpkin
  2. Starting from the top, paint black stripes around the pumpkin, leaving a space in the front for the face.
  3. To make the eyes, I used the paint bottle and a quarter to trace two large white and two medium black circles.
  4. Glue them together, then add a tiny white circle to each eye. Bumblebee eyes
  5. Hot glue the eyes to the front of the bumblebee, then cut a mouth out of the black foam.
  6. Attach bumblebee wings to the back of the pumpkin Wings glued to butterfly pumpkin
  7. Now it’s time so make the base. Pull out the flower foam and silk flowers. Silk flowers with flower foam
  8. Cut the stems to shorten the flowers. If the stem has metal inside, bend the stem back and forth until it breaks. Insert flowers into flower foam Silk flowers 2
  9. Take the pointy end of each BBQ skewer and push it all the way into the bumblebee. Put the other end into the flower foam. Now you have a cute flying bumblebee


These links take you to Amazon but it you have a Dollar Tree nearby, you can make this cute craft for a lot less.

How cute does he look with his butterfly friend?

Butterfly & Bumblebee a

So if you’ve been looking for no carve pumpkin ideas that are a little outside the box, grab some cheap bumblebee wings (or make your own) and paint yourself a fun bumblebee pumpkin.

Bumblebee pumpkin with flowers

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