How To Make An Easy Black Cat Pumpkin For Halloween



This black cat pumpkin makes an awesome Halloween craft that’s fun for all ages.

Love making no-carve pumpkins? Have a little Halloween fun making this easy black cat pumpkin!

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It’s that time of year! Fall is here so it’s time to start making some no carve pumpkins (because who wants to deal with the mess of actually carving them). We’ve made everything from a Jack Skellington pumpkin to a Hello Kitty pumpkin, though our unicorn pumpkin might just be our favorite.

We’re really loving this black cat pumpkin too! Since it’s a no carve pumpkin, kids of all ages can have fun making their own and it’s the perfect decor for Halloween. With just some black paint and a few craft materials, you’re good to go!

Black Cat Pumpkin



Start by painting the pumpkin with black acrylic paint. You may need two coats.

If you use a foam pumpkin for your black cat pumpkin, you can display it every year

You can make the cat ears while waiting for the paint to dry. Draw two black triangles, then two slightly smaller pink ones.

Make ears for the black cat pumpkin from pink and black foam

After cutting them out, use hot glue to put them together.

Use hot glue to put the ears together

You’ll need to cut the bottom of the ear in a curved shape so that it will sit flush against the pumpkin.

Your black cat pumpkin will need some ears

Cut a little at a time until they fit just right.

Cut the bottom of the ears to fit flush against the black cat pumpkin

Glue the ears on with the majority of the hot glue in back so it won’t be noticeable

Glue the ears onto your black cat pumpkin

Now cut eyes out of sparkly green foam.

Sparkly green foam is perfect for the eyes

Draw a circle on the back of the foam for each eye.  

Make two circles for the eyes

Then use some of the black foam scraps to make skinny diamonds and hot glue them to the middle of the eyes.

Cut black foam diamonds and glue them to eyes of your black cat pumpkin

Attach the eyes to the pumpkin.

Stick the eyes on your black cat pumpkin

Next, cut out a small pink triangle and round the corners. Take two pieces of chenille and cut them into thirds. Finally, use hot glue to attach the nose and whiskers, then paint on a mouth.

Your black cat pumpkin will need a nose, mouth and whiskers

For the tail, I gathered 18 strands of yarn (you can use more or less, depending on how thick you want the tail) and tied them together at the top with a small piece of yarn. After separating the yarn into thirds, I made a braid and tied the end with another piece of yarn.  I attached it to the back with more hot glue (if you don’t already know, hot glue is a crafter’s best friend)

Braid yarn to make a tail for your black cat pumpkin

This sparkly ribbon was perfect for making a collar.

Pretty ribbon makes a good collar

The original plan was to peel off the sticky back and stick it directly to the pumpkin. However, I realized that it wouldn’t lay flat and wasn’t going to look the way I wanted. With the pumpkin sitting on the table, I wrapped the collar around the cat to see where to add the glue. Little by little, I went around the cat, gluing the collar in place. I never took off the sticky back.

Use hot glue to attach the collar to your black cat pumpkin

Turn it over and you’ve got your collar.

Black cat pumpkin with collar

Now we have a black cat pumpkin for Halloween and I love how easy it was! 

This black cat pumpkin was both fun and easy to make

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