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Is your child ready for their first cell phone? Find out how you can get a great phone at a fraction of the price with Trademore! 

There are a lot of milestones in a child’s life. There’s the first day of school, hitting double digits, getting a drivers license and so much more. Now there’s another big one…getting their first phone!

My seven year old daughter is the only one in the family that doesn’t have a phone of her own. I know this because she reminds us of it all day, every day. She’s always borrowing my phone or my hubby’s phone and we decided it’s finally time to get her one of her own. 

The problem is that cell phones are so expensive! I remember the days when you could get a decent phone for under $100 (does that make me sound old?). When I bought the Galaxy S9 last year, I totally had sticker shock (not that it stopped me). I want Keira to have a decent phone but I didn’t want to pay a fortune for it.



Save With Trademore


That’s why I was so excited to discover Trademore, an online site that buys and sells certified pre-owned phones.

Trademore box

This was just what we needed! I didn’t want to worry about Keira handling an $800 phone. Accidents happen and there are all kinds of drops and spills when you’re in the presence of a seven year old! 

Save On Pre-Owned Phones

The great thing about Trademore is that you can get an awesome phone at a fraction of what it would cost brand new. Just because it’s pre-owned doesn’t mean you’re giving up quality. Before they get put on the market, each phone goes through a meticulous 30-point functional and cosmetic inspection.  All phones must receive a 100% inspection score for quality, reliability and functionality to make the cut. 

Shopping for a Trademore phone

Shopping was fun too! Trademore doesn’t just have phones…they have smart watches too. I was on a mission though. I scrolled past the iPhones and went straight to the Galaxy selection. Since we each have a Samsung Galaxy, it just made sense to get the same for Keira. 

The whole process is so quick and easy. Here’s how it works…start by choosing whether you want to buy or sell a phone. When you choose to buy, the main page shows a list of available phones and their prices.

Choosing the best phone from Trademore

You just click on whichever phone you’re interested in and select your carrier, color and my favorite part, the condition. Your options are “good”, “really good”, “excellent” and “like new”. Within minutes, I had Keira’s phone all picked out. The funny thing is that now that she’s got the Galaxy S8+, her phone is fancier than my husbands!

Getting a quality phone from Trademore


Shipping was free and we had our new phone in two days. Trademore also gives you the added security of a 30 day money back guarantee and free returns.

We didn’t need to do that though. Even though I’d chosen a phone in excellent condition, it was really like new. Honestly, if you’d shown me a brand new S8+ from the store, I wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference at all. 

Our Trademore phone looked brand new

Our new Trademore phone didn’t have a scratch on it and when we turned it on, it worked perfectly! I tested the camera and even the pictures were top notch!

Picture of Buddy the cat

Earn Money By Selling Your Old Phone

If you want to have a little extra cash in your pocket, you can sell your old phones on Trademore too. It’s every bit as easy as buying one of their phones. Just hop on their site, select Sell A Device and answer a few questions about your carrier, capacity, color and condition. You can even sell your phone if the screen is cracked…you just note it in the conditions section. Once you’ve done that, you’ll get your offer. That’s all there is to it!

My phone is in great condition but the Galaxy S10 is coming out soon. Just for fun, I thought I’d see what I could get for my S9 and was offered $221…wow!

Trademore used phone offer

Your offer is locked in for 30 days so if you’re still on the fence, you have some time to decide. Once you choose to sell, they send you free pre-paid shipping materials with instructions. Once they’ve inspected it, you’ll get paid via PayPal or a Virtual Mastercard Gift Card. Now you’ve got one less thing cluttering up the house AND extra spending money too.

This is such a win/win for everyone! Your child can get a cool new phone and you spend a fraction of the price.

Saving money with Trademore phones

Keira was beyond excited when I handed over the phone for the first time. She almost didn’t believe it at first and did a big happy dance when she finally realized what was happening. The best part is that now that she has a phone of her own, she’ll stop running off with ours. 


Keira playing games on her Trademore phoneMaybe now I can get rid of all those extra games that keep popping up on my phone! I’m so glad that Keira finally has her own phone and now that we know about Trademore, it’ll be where all their future phones come from too. Keira couldn’t care less if it’s new or used…she just knows that it’s new to her and she can get to all her favorite sites.  

Keira finding her favorite video on her Trademore phone

Are your kids begging for cell phones too? You are going to love saving money on the phones from Trademore!

Find out more  by visiting Trademore!

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