How To Survive Middle School With Invisalign® Treatment And A Good Routine


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Middle school can be an adjustment but having a good routine, and Invisalign treatment, makes it a lot easier.  

How To Survive Middle School Pin

How To Survive Middle School

This year we’re starting middle school with a routine under our belt. It’s easy to stick to and these small changes keep Ashling on track in the mornings and ready for the day ahead.  

Prepping Lunch & Outfits Ahead Of Time

Our routine starts the night before, when we pack lunch for the following day.  

Ashling making her school lunch


Because she wears Invisalign aligners, we bought an extra case that she could keep in her lunchbox. 





Ashling likes her aligners because they’re virtually invisible but they’re also the world’s most advanced clear aligners. Invisalign treatment has worked on 6 million+ smiles over the course of 20 years and though Ashling’s orthodontic issues are pretty common, they work for more complex cases too.

Another part of our routine is picking out clothes the day before. Now that Ashling’s in middle school, she’s pickier about clothes and choosing the right outfit can take awhile.  

Laying out clothes for middle school

Waking Up Early

Waking up just 10 minutes earlier gives Ashling extra time to get dressed, eat breakfast and put in her aligners, all at her own speed. It makes mornings more relaxed and sets the tone for the rest of the day.  

Discussing Behavior Expectations

This one isn’t for Ashling, it’s for us! Ashling’s more self conscious now and even the littlest things embarrass her. That’s why she’s laid down ground rules for the bus stop.

Ashling with middle school bus stop rules

She assures us that we don’t do TOO much to embarrass her. We just need a few changes at the bus stop. We’re no longer allowed to kiss her goodbye, hold her hand or call her “pumpkin” in front of other middle school kids. I felt the same way at that age so I totally get it and am trying my best to abide by the “rules”!

Aligner with back to school sign

I think that’s also why she’s been so happy with her Invisalign treatment. She was self conscious with braces but since her aligners are virtually invisible, she feels more confident and self-assured. She may worry about a kiss goodbye at the bus stop but she’s definitely not concerned about her smile!

Closeup of Ashling with aligners

Learn more about Invisalign treatment here or use the Doctor Locator to find a doctor near you.

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