Husband and wife die after exposure to poisonous gas


Natalee Dean grew concerned when her husband, Jacob, didn’t return home from work. Jacob, 44, works for a gas company and received a call from Aghorn Energy to check on a pump house in Ector County, Texas.

Since Natalee knew the location of the pump house she drove to it and checked on Jacob.

It turned out to be a fatal mistake.

On October 26, Jacob Dean responded to a call from work. He reported to a pump house, and when he didn’t return home to his wife and two young children, his wife called him. Natalee was unable to reach him, so she put the couple’s children in the car and they all went to check on him.

According to the Ector County Sheriff’s Office, when Natalee arrived at the location she exited her vehicle and left her children, ages six and nine, in the car.

However, as she approached the building she was overcome with hydrogen sulfide, an extremely dangerous gas.

A supervisor contacted police after they hadn’t heard from Jacob.

When the Ector County Sheriff’s Office and EMS arrived they discovered the presence of H₂S, the couple, and their children. Both Jacob and Natalee were deceased after having been overcome with the toxic gas, but since their children had only been exposed to minimal levels of the noxious gas, they suffered from relatively few ill effects.

They were treated by EMS and transported to a local hospital for further treatment.

According to the police, the two children were handed over to their grandparents. An investigation is ongoing.

This is such a sad story. May this husband and wife, mother and father rest in peace.

Please share this and pray for this family during this horrible time. This is absolutely heartbreaking.


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