Husbands! Stop doing these 7 things if you don’t want to push your wifes into the arms of other men

Husbands should quickly abandon these actions if they do not want their wives to have an affair and their marriage to fail.

1. Let her be lonely

Most women like to talk and confide in each other, so you need to spend at least 5 minutes every day listening to what she has to say. She won’t want to talk about what happened to you.
The lack of attention will make her lonely, especially if you constantly have to go on business trips. Therefore, make sure your long-distance love is always more happy and romantic.

2. A better – than game with his wife

Men do not understand women’s thoughts, so they often blame them. In arguments, always try to win the upper hand.

Sometimes men have the idea that they must give their wife a lesson, must let her realize her mistakes so that in the future she can know how to treat her husband. The more you argue about marriage, the more it goes wrong. The more you argue, the more small things become big.

After every argument between husband and wife, there is usually silence. The winner gloats and thinks the other has understood. In fact, people stay silent out of helplessness rather than being humble and accepting that they are wrong.

No matter who the winner is, there is always a rift and separation after arguments. And letting winning and losing become a habit can make her cold towards you.

3. Only care about your own problems

When married, gentlemen should remember that they cannot just do what they want and only serve their own purposes. Because in addition to love, you are also carrying a great responsibility to your wife and children.

If you only know your own feelings, always demanding that your wife know what you like to eat, what you hate, what colors you like, but don’t know those things about your wife, then sooner or later, you will disappoint her. He gets bored and leaves you. You are making her feel abandoned, lonely and will find someone else who understands her better.

4. Lack of interest every day

Some women often regret the thrilling and exciting moments when they first fell in love or on their first date that no longer exist. They begin to want to explore new relationships to regain this feeling. They find their partner boring and wish to seek higher levels of emotions with someone.

5. Anger

It is not fun to suffer the frustration and anger of your partner. If she finds herself in that situation often, she will be more inclined to look for a more lenient relationship.
Learn how to manage your emotions. If you are upset with your wife, wait a while until you are completely calm to talk and analyze the situation with your wife. When you make a mistake, don’t blame your wife, be brave and apologize to her.

6. Criticize everything your wife does

Stating your opinion and personally attacking your wife are completely different. Perhaps it’s because you have too high expectations for things your wife can’t meet. Then you criticize and compare her to others.

This is something you absolutely should not do, especially comparing with others. Instead of dissecting details that you don’t like, be a little more lenient with your wife. The harmful habit of criticism pushes the two people further apart, so of course she will share her feelings with others.

7. Look down on your wife’s success

No matter how busy you are, no matter what your wife does, from housework to work, you should give her compliments. That shows that you always support her and are there to encourage her.

Besides, you should also give her constructive feedback and praise when she succeeds. Women also have their own lives and careers and need someone to properly evaluate and support them. Otherwise, she can find that support outside.

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