It Will Give You Tears of Joy to Know How Easy Is to Lose face Fats

The face is the central and the most prominent part of the body that presents a person to the world. It is the first thing someone sees about you when you encounter, therefore, keeping your face fresh, toned and smiley is important in life. However, some of us face serious problems with face fats such as chubby cheeks and double chin that hinders our journey towards the actual answers of how to lose weight. But there are ways that can help you lose face fats. There are celebrities and models we see who have transformed the whole of their faces and trust me there is no magic in that. These are just simple tricks of exercise and balanced diet that help us meet our goals.

There are certain exercises that can help you lose your face fats naturally and quite quickly if you stay persistent for at least a month.

Exercises to lose face fats

Before getting into this battle, I need you to remind that if you’re starting it right away, please stick to it at least for a month so you could really get fine cheekbones, defined jaws and single pretty chin.

Fish Face

This exercise to lose face fat is cute and effective at the same time. You can perform it at any time anywhere. All you need to do is to suck your cheeks in and close your lips and try to smile. Can you do that? Well, at some point all of us have already tried it unknowingly but it can really help you lose face fat and that too naturally. Hold the posture for 5 seconds and repeat at least for 10 times a day.

Lips Pull

This is another exercise hitting your cheekbone, chin and neck muscles altogether. It is effective in defining your uplifted cheekbones, prominent jaw lines and a single pretty chin. You can practice it by lifting your face up towards the ceiling and push your lower jaw as much up as possible. You will feel the real stretch in your cheek and chin muscles that show that the exercise is working. Hold the position for 10 seconds and repeat it at least for 10 times a day.

Jaw Release

You can take another ride towards fine face with sharp edges with jaw release. All you need to do is to sit in a right position and practice moving your face as if you are chewing while keeping your lips sealed. Now breathe in and out for a while. Now open your mouth wide open and stick your tongue to your lower jaw such as to the bottom of the lower teeth. Repeat deep breathing and repeat the whole process for 10 times.

Chin Lift

Double chin never suits any one and I’m feeling like I’m growing one. And that’s the reason why I put this effort to search all the best exercises that actually work and they are really working.

Chin lift directly hit the chin muscles (I feel the stretch). All you need to do is to fix your face towards the ceiling and stretch it as much as you can as if you’re trying to touch the ceiling with your humble lips. Don’t use any other facial muscle or facial part during this exercise and double chin will be gone for sure. Repeat this exercise 10 times while holding on to the single position for 10 seconds minimally.

Blow the Air

It sounds and looks childish but to get sharp cheekbones, it works. Raise your face towards the ceiling, fill your mouth with air while stretching your cheeks and blow the air out. Repeat it 10 times a day. You can do it more if you feel like but I think we should not put so much pressure on our pretty face all at once. So stay humble and calm and keep practicing.

Stretch Face Muscles

Stretching your cheeks as if you are trying to rip the balloon also work (don’t do it harshly though). Lower your chin until it touches your chest and stretches your face muscles from both sides with your hands. Do it softly and repeat for 10 times.


Even if it sounds weird to you, smiling really works well with losing face fats. Smiling and laughing stretch your cheek muscles naturally that helps them to get a proper shape.

Finally, these are the simple exercise to lose face fat that you can perform at any time while sitting, walking, watching TV or doing any other activity. Only if you stay persistent, you can get cheekbones like a super model and you’re not alone in this journey. I also have a chubby face and I’m already practising all of these exercises. Let’s do it together and report back after a month right here on

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